Some Myths About Spine Surgery To Have Knowledge Of

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Some Myths About Spine Surgery 

Having spinal surgery is truly a challenging time to deal with. People can have numerous back problems that can turn out to be worse in such a manner that conventional treatment options don’t work. In the end, to bring relief to the patient, surgery is recommended. A lot of surgical procedures are there depending on the kind of problem experienced. But this time, the team of Mewar Hospitals will let your focus on some of the myths thought at the time of spinal surgeries.

Let’s have a look at the list of some commonly said myths about spine surgery.

1. A Person Requires Lengthy Bed Rest

Recovery from surgery calls for patience, but that doesn’t mean a person will have to keep on bed rest for numerous months. With advancements in technologies, the time has gone when a person has to keep on bed rest for multiple months after spine surgery. At present, the surgeon suggests the patient walk or stand right after some time of the surgical method. And yes, a lot of ways are there to promote a better healing and faster recovery so the person would resume his usual day-to-day affairs shortly.

2. There Can Be A Possibility of More Than One Spinal Surgery

Well, this myth can happen, but in the rarest of cases. Generally, a person doesn’t require more than surgery to get the treatment of his problem. A need for more than one surgery will be there if the problem doesn’t fix and the patient suffers from a disturbance to the spine. And yes, there are several guidelines that need to be followed after the operation. If a person follows the advice of the surgeon carefully, there will be fewer risks of an unlikable incident. If he continues to break the guidelines, there can be a negative impact on his health and he might not recover in the given period.

3. More Pain Will Take Place After The Completion of Surgery

This is not true that you will get complete relief from pain as the surgery finishes. Surely, there can be a feeling of discomfort after the completion of the procedure. During the initial days, you’ll have to manage the pain where the doctor will guide you with some medicines. As time passes, the level will decrease. However, some people can experience moderate to severe pain in the initial weeks of the surgery. But, if the pain is continuing to trouble with other problems like chills, loss of bladder or bowel control, fever, numbness, etc., you should consult the expert without any delay. To manage or control the pain, the doctor will be there for support.  There has been an introduction of various techniques along with medicines by which the recovery process may not turn out to be that much painful as it used to be.

4. There Will Be A Decreased Taste of Life After Surgery

One of the major objectives of performing spine surgery is to lessen the impact of pain and promote a better quality of life. No doubt, surgery is a big term for many of us and we hope not to face it in any part of our life. But, when situations go wrong, these are the practices that help for a better living. People can have a thought in mind that they will have restrictions in performing a lot of tasks after the surgery. Yes, a few restrictions will exist depending on some factors. But, you will be able to return to many of the normal-life activities soon after the recovery. Still, the team of Mewar Hospitals suggests to take special care of the spine if surgery has been performed. Don’t try to take any risk that would result in an unpleasant event.

5. Every Spinal Surgery Is A Major One

The spine is considered one of the most imperative parts of the body whose health is crucial to live a joyous life. When its health turns out to be terrible and surgery is recommended, it is not necessary that a person will have a major operation. With new inventions and technologies, a lot of minimally invasive surgeries are available in medical science that has several benefits over traditional open surgeries. They are not as long as open surgeries and include small incisions which promote a speedy recovery.

Additionally, they have a reduced risk of infections and involve less post-surgical pain. Apart from that, if a person is guided with a minimally invasive operation, he will be discharged from the hospital shortly as such procedures require short hospital stays.

6. An Uncomfortable Situation To The Back Will Always Lead To A Surgery

A lot of problems are linked to our spine. Sometimes, they can deliver intense pain but settles within time. Sometimes, the pain may not be that severe but continues to remain for a few weeks. There can be situations where you don’t require medical attention and the conditions settles with the help of home-based remedies. While, a problem that is looking severe may adjust with the help of non-surgical procedures like medicines, injections, or physical therapies. For those who think that an uncomfortable situation or a persistent problem in the back will always lead to surgery, it is not possible. Typically, surgery is recommended when all the non-surgical methods fail to bring benefits to the patient’s side.

7. There Will Be A Need To Take Medicines For A Lifetime

Another myth that is related to spine surgery is that a person will have to continue taking medicines for a longer period or till the end of life. However, some medicines are given to relieve pain after the surgery that is known to be addictive. Some people have a thought that they will be addicted to such medicines after the completion of the surgery. You need to be clear with this myth in such a manner that if the surgeon prescribes it, don’t worry and follow his instructions carefully. They know how much amount of medicines need to be prescribed so it will not deliver any side effects or harmful outcomes for the patient.

8. Problems like Paralysis Can Occur Post Surgical Procedure

Some people have a fear of getting surgery. This may be due to the anticipation of some complications. Well, not only spine surgery, but almost every surgical operation can have some kinds of complications like infection, bleeding, or blood clots. Such happenings are supposed to be common and we can’t predict them as being serious. Doctors have measures to settle such happenings.

And yes, paralysis is also linked with the name of a spinal surgical procedure. The chances of getting paralysis or complication depend on the part of the spine involved in the surgery. But yes, there are quite fewer chances of having such incidents as most of the surgeries have turned out to be safer. Still, if you have any doubt in mind regarding paralysis and spine surgery, talk to the surgeon before the surgery and discuss the detailed surgery profile to clear various questions in mind.

9. Pain Will Go Forever

Spine-related pain can be a problematic affair and holds the capability to interrupt the pleasure of living. Generally, with the help of spine surgery, a person gets relief from pain and restores his functioning. But remember, it doesn’t mean there will not be a presence of any kind of back pain after surgery. Pain can come and go in certain situations, but it might not be of that level that forced a surgical operation.

No evidence is there to state that you can get complete relief from back pain forever after having spinal surgery. Yes, there are measures to stay away from this problem. This includes living an active and healthy life, maintaining a healthy weight, lifting items properly, and performing exercises that help to keep the back strong.

10. All the Physical Activities Will Be Stopped After Surgery

This can happen, but the talk is about a particular time. Right after the surgery, you will have a rehabilitation program in which you’ll get in touch with a physical therapist. He will guide you with some exercises and therapies that will be beneficial for a better recovery. Additionally, if you follow such sessions according to their guidelines, you’ll get back into daily-life tasks after some time and there will be higher possibilities to perform several physical activities.

Take Care of Your Spine

A lot of misconceptions or myths about spine surgery are there. But, a person should know the reality behind all such sayings. The team of Mewar Hospital tried to explain these things in a simplistic manner so they would stay in mind always. So these were the things about the myths. Now, moving on to an important point, i.e., taking care of your back health. It is very important to look after the health of the spine, otherwise, you can get trapped in a serious problem. Not every spinal problem can lead to surgeries, still, there can be a need for multiple visits of healthcare specialists like an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. Therefore, try to pay attention to the well-being of your spine and if anything goes wrong, we are here for the support.

The Concluding Words

Get in touch with our team if you experience anything wrong with the back, whether it is a pain that increases with time or other kinds of discomfort. We will be there with valuable recommendations and appropriate treatment options. Mewar Hospital is a place where you’ll get numerous surgeries on the back under the guidance of a professional and experienced team of doctors. If you want to get any kind of information about our centers, do contact us through the mentioned sources.

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