Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Searching For A Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon In India? Get Assistance From Mewar Hospitals

Searching For A Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon In India?
Get Assistance From Mewar Hospitals

We all know that health issues can appear inside people of any age. You must be aware of several departments in medical science that specifically focuses on a particular field. Like, if we talk about the orthopedic section, there is a term called ‘pediatrics’. Here, you will find the assistance of those issues which are linked to the musculoskeletal system. But remember, this field is specially dedicated to the kids. So, if someone wants to take help from pediatric orthopedic surgery, they can come to Mewar Hospital. Here, you can find the company of some amazing orthopedists that can handle a lot of concerns. Before that, let’s obtain some more information regarding pediatric orthopedics.

About Pediatric Orthopedics

If a child is finding difficulties leading to the musculoskeletal system like joint, bone, back, or muscle. Then, one of the best professionals where you can take them is pediatric orthopedists. They are the ones who can accurately diagnose and treat various problems among children of growing age. Even if your child is suffering from an issue related to the arms, feet, spine, legs, or hand. Then, you can consider visiting them as a priority.

Importance Of Their Job Role

Life is about different phases and if you’re an adult, you would also have experienced the taste of childhood. At such stages, their body experiences growth and there can occurrences of some issues. It is because the bones are at a growing stage. When an issue arises, many children can’t speak properly about their happening. But, when someone moves to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, they know how to inspect, communicate, and treat the condition.

Those who are sensible parents keep on taking care of their child at different life stages. And this is important too because a normal child grows with a faster approach. In such cases, their bones can be at risk of injury. Along with that, you can find the bone of a child to be more elastic. Meaning that the bone can bend without breaking from beginning to end but has the capability to modify over time. Sometimes, there can be some serious problems and people have to search for the best hospital for pediatric orthopedic surgery.

Why Pediatric Orthopedics Differs From General Orthopedics

Those who aren’t aware of the term ‘orthopedics’ can identify it as a department that analyzes and treat musculoskeletal problems. Talking about the musculoskeletal system, it delivers movement, stability, and shape to our body. It contains those bones which create the skeleton and also includes muscles, joints, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and other connective tissues.
Now, moving forward to the topic, and that is the difference between general orthopedics and pediatric orthopedics. As we told you that the section of pediatrics is dedicated to child care. And the bones of a child holds a variation than the adults. A pediatric orthopedic doctor has to look at the growth plates of the child. The growth plates are prepared of developing cartilage tissue close to the end of long bones. And the bones of a child develop from the ends where the growth plates are situated. If there is an appearance of a crack or fracture within or near the growth plates. Then, there comes a requirement of different treatments in comparison to fractures in adults.

There are different kinds of cases that require special attention in kids. And you can’t achieve that kind of attention from a general orthopedist. That’s why it is better to search for a pediatric orthopedic surgeon near me for treating your child. Along with such things, you also need to know that the bones of children grow faster than adults. And when there are cases of fractures, it requires to heal correctly. Otherwise, there can be a need for pediatric orthopedic surgery to correct it.

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    Benefits of Taking Your Child To A Pediatric Orthopedist

    1. This department focuses only on treating the kids and teens.
    2. A pediatric orthopedic doctor has more experience in treating and caring for growing bones as compared to a general orthopedist.
    3. As they are specialized professionals, they can identify and treat the conditions leading to the growth plate. They can also spot out those injuries that can be difficult for a general orthopedics doctor.
    4. Children sometimes may not speak up completely about their problems. A pediatric surgeon knows how to speak with them and ask about the problems.
    5. They can speak better to the parents about the do and don’ts for their child’s bone health.

    Support From Mewar Hospitals

    If you’re searching for the best hospital for pediatric orthopedic surgery especially in parts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Then, we offer you to admire the services of our unit. We are enriched with the presence of some fine professionals that are dedicated to bringing these types of service. And especially discussing one of our specialist faculty, she has immense experience in pediatric orthopedic surgery. So, you can come and take her assistance in various cases. Now, we are making you aware of those things which are regularly observed and treated in children.

    1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

    Out of the four main ligaments in the knees, you can find the name of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Many children like to engage in sports activities from an early age. And talking about the ACL injury, it can be identified as a tear or sprain of the ACL. They can generally take place during activities that contain rapid stops or changes in direction. For example, there are some sports like football, soccer, basketball, or downhill skiing due to which ACL injury can appear.
    When it happens, a child can experience pain and swelling of the knee. The range of ACL injury can go from mild (like small tears or sprain) to harsh (complete tear of ligament). Suffering from this state can be problematic for children and it calls for attention. That’s why you can contact our pediatric orthopedic doctor to achieve professional assistance.

    2. Apophysitis (Overuse Injury Of The Pelvis/Hip)

    The term ‘apophysis’ stands for a growth plate that delivers a point for the muscle to join. Apophysitis refers to a stress injury or inflammation in the areas on or around the growth plates in children. It can take place in adolescent groups as well. And one of the causes behind this condition is repetitive overuse activities. It can be due to jumping, running, and throwing. There can be some other cases like an acute injury with fall or quick, powerful movement by which it happens.

    The growth plates are prepared of cartilage cells. They are soft in nature and there is a likelihood to get injured as compared to the matured bone. Those adolescents having extremely tight hip and thigh muscles can come in contact with pelvis/hip apophysitis. Specifically talking about apophysitis of the pelvis/hip, it generally affects runners, soccer players, ice hockey players, and sprinters. So kindly let us know if you need this kind of treatment from one of our fine best pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

    3. Fractures

    One of the identifiable cases in pediatric orthopedic surgery is fractures. They prove to be one of the common incidences among children. And it is said that boys have more probabilities to sustain a fracture than girls. Regarding the pediatric bone, its biomechanics and anatomy are different from an adult bone. And it holds a unique pattern of pediatric fractures, management, and healing mechanism.

    There are different kinds of common fractures visible in children. One of the leading causes that you can identify is trauma care. And some of its linked factors include motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, and child abuse. Even if there is a presence of a small fracture in your children, you must not take it lightly. Instead, let them to a professional like a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to save away from further problems. Because kids aren’t completely matured and they can’t speak about this condition. So, it becomes the responsibility of adults to keep an eye on such cases.

    4. Little League Elbow

    There are three bones from which elbow joints are made. Like, the upper arm has a link with two bones in the forearm through a joint. Rest, there are bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons to keep things together and assist the arm to move and bend. Little league elbow will be said when an injury takes place due to stress on the inside of the elbow. During such an interval, a child can suffer from some symptoms like swelling, or pain in the elbow side. Even there can be a bump on the inside of the elbow or problems in flattening the arm all way. A child may also feel a stiff or locked elbow.

    Mewar Hospital is there for you as one of the best hospitals for pediatric orthopedic surgery. We have the presence of doctors that can support you in this condition. Remember, a child may suffer from severe conditions if treatment isn’t there and the injury can become worse. So, you can memorize us in cases when there is a problem with the elbow. Or if the child is suffering from the mentioned symptoms.

    5. Little League Shoulder

    This is an overuse injury that takes place due to stress to the arm bone close to the shoulder. If a child continues repeated overhead throwing in an absence of appropriate rest, it can contribute to an injury. Even throwing and pitching with inappropriate mechanics can lead to the same. Or when there is a deficiency of muscle strength, especially in the shoulder and upper back. There can be an appearance of a little league shoulder.
    This condition can show worse effects and can put the condition of bone damage. There are some measures to diagnose this condition. And once it is diagnosed, the doctor will speak about the possible treatment option.

    6. Meniscal Tears (Knee Cartilage)

    One of the ordinary knee injuries is a torn meniscus. Meniscus stands for a piece of cartilage in the knee that helps in cushioning and stabilizing the joint. The problem of tear can happen when someone changes the direction with a sudden action while running. It is said that meniscus injury can appear at the same time as other knee problems, like ACL. A torn meniscus is painful and a child can experience swelling. To diagnose or treat this condition, kindly contact our pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Although, not every tear calls for surgery and some non-surgical treatments can be productive.

    7. Nursemaid’s Elbow (Partially Dislocated Elbow Joint)

    This is one of the common elbow injuries in toddlers and young children. This condition means the elbow is slipped out from its actual position at the joint. It is also known as a pulled elbow and can prove to be painful for the kids. There are some causes inside toddlers like improper lifting or sudden pulling that can bring nursemaid’s elbow. The causes of a dislocated elbow in adults vary as it can be due to motor vehicle accidents or falls.

    Consider the services of Mewar Hospital whenever you need pediatric orthopedic surgery in India. We can help you out with various issues especially those which are mentioned above. Still, there are some more conditions left from which you can take our assistance.
    For example,

    8. Osteochondritis Dissecans (Joint Cartilage Injury)

    This joint condition happens when the bone under the cartilage of a joint dies due to a deficiency of blood flow. Osteochondritis Dissecans often affects the knee or the elbow. The exact causes aren’t completely known, but there can be several symptoms. For example, pain, joint locking or popping, joint weakness, reduced range of motion, swelling, and tenderness. So, we are here to help you in this condition specifically regarding the joint cartilage.

    9. Patellar Dislocation (Dislocated Kneecap)

    This is a knee injury in which the kneecap moves on to a different position. The patella is a name for the kneecap. Though it doesn’t stand for such a serious condition and can go into its usual place by itself. So, instead of thinking about pediatric orthopedic surgery in India, you can talk to our doctor for other available options. It’s a matter of your child and you must not be lazy in the wellbeing of his health.

    10. Shin Splints

    If there is pain in the shin bone (tibia), it will be termed as shin splints. This condition is common in dancers or runners. It can be painful and create a problem for the kids. That’s why you can consult our pediatric orthopedic doctor for better supervision.

    The Concluding Message

    With the occurrence of some fine practitioners, we are one of the best hospitals for pediatric orthopedic surgery. Some more treatment options like patellofemoral pain syndrome, stress fractures, and expert care for sports injuries are available from us. So, instead of looking for a pediatric orthopedic surgeon near me, we wish you to admire our services.

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