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Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In India? Visit Mewar Hospitals

Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In India?
Visit Mewar Hospitals

Nowadays, a lot of people are demanding treatments like hip replacement surgery. After all, this procedure stands as one of the finest ways to improve health. A lot of things come in charge while talking about this surgical operation. So, in this blog, we will mention some important things that you need to know especially when dealing with it. This is a matter of good things to tell you that if you want assistance for hip replacement surgery treatment. Then, the team of Mewar Hospital is available in different cities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to assist you. Firstly, let’s initiate the blog by obtaining some valuable information about the hips.

About Hips

The hip joint, also considered as the Acetabulofemoral joint lies between the femur and acetabulum of the pelvis. This is a ball-and-socket joint that permits free rotation of the limb. It is one of the major joints inside our body as we manage to perform various tasks with its help. For example, our hips assist the body in activities like walking, running, or jumping. One crucial thing to know about the hip joint is that it bears the weight of our body. Along with that, it takes up the strong muscles of the hip and leg.

Why Hip Health Is Important?

Sometimes, we don’t analyze the importance of some of our body parts. But, they are supposed to be crucial in every aspect of our life. For example, if we talk about the hips, their presence let us sit, stand, walk, bend, and run. When there is an issue inside the hip joint, a person can suffer from a serious concern in everyday activities. Sometimes, there can be an occurrence of some conditions like arthritis and its kinds that can create hip pain. In some cases, the amount of pain can be so strong that a person requires help from a specialist. And remember, that specialist can be in the form of a hip replacement surgeon in India.

Yes, you may require hip replacement surgery cost in cases when the require Hip Replacement surgeries. However, if there is a minor pain in usual scenarios, you can control them by performing some activities.

Reasons Behind Hip Pain

Some conditions influence the health of hips and thus, pain can arise. Out of which, we are firstly making you aware of one serious condition that you need to be aware of.

Arthritis And Hip Joint

Arthritis, being a joint inflammation disease is one of the common causes of hip pain. As it stands as a progressive disorder, it can deteriorate over time. Several kinds of arthritis can affect the hips. But, there are some common kinds like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and ankylosing spondylitis. Arthritis is such a condition for whose complete cure does not exist. However, there are some options in medical science by which pain management and linked symptoms can be handled. Let’s have a short look at two of the common kinds of arthritis that are associated with the hip joint.

1. Osteoarthritis-

It is habitually defined as the outcome of wear and tear of the joint. It can degenerate or damage the hip joint permanently.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis-

This is yet another common kind of arthritis that can create negative impacts in various parts of the body. It can be a serious condition that can cause the bone and cartilage of the joint itself to get worse.

These conditions may force you to visit the best hospital for hip replacement surgery in India. For that, the doors of Mewar Hospital are open and you can take up the treatment facility from us.

Other Causes Behind Hip Pain


When a person ages, many of the body parts can become weak and breakable. And when bones become weak, there can be chances of a break during a fall. Thus, a person can suffer from a hip fracture and pain arises.


Nowadays, people are working more on PCs and laptops due to which too much sitting takes place. And they continue to work longer without performing an exercise or giving proper rest. These conditions may bother and inflame the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the human body. When it is touched, a person may experience pain from mild to moderate.


Tendons stand as the thick bands of tissues whose support connects bones to muscles. If there is an irritation or inflammation in the tendons, it will be regarded as tendinitis. This can also create pain in the hips.


Bursae is the name of sacs of liquid that are located between tissues like tendons, muscles, and bones. When they are inflamed, there can be a feeling of pain.
Some other conditions like muscle or tendon strain also account for causing hip pain and preventing them to work usually. That’s why you need to be aware of such conditions. If the pain is advanced and the patient doesn’t find relief with the help of non-surgical approaches. Then you may need to find a hip replacement surgeon near me.

About Hip Disorders

If someone is dealing with a hip replacement doctor in India, there can be a feeling of worry. Though it proves to be a major surgical operation, it can help the person in alleviating the pain. Now, moving forward to our next topic which is about the disorders connecting to the hips. These disorders account for influencing the hip joint and can affect ligaments and cartilage.
* Development dysplasia
* Irritable hip syndrome
* Perthes disease
* Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
* Pain in soft tissue and referred pain

If someone feels limping, hip pain, referred pain (which means an experience of pain in the leg), or muscle stiffness. Even if there is a reduced movement in the hip joint. Or a feeling of pain in the leg when the weight comes on that leg. Then try to beware because these are the symptoms of hip disorders. For that, you can visit the hip replacement doctor in India as he can execute some other non-surgical approaches.

About Hip Replacement Surgery

Now, moving to the main subject, and that is about replacing the hip joint with an operation. Also known as hip arthroplasty, this surgical practice involves removing the painful hip joint with the help of an artificial joint. When all other treatment options fail to relieve pain in the hips. Then, hip replacement surgery treatment comes in charge as the last option. With the help of this procedure, a person gets rid of the pain by which walking and other activities become easier. This operation proves to be a highly successful surgery that sometimes can also be used to treat some other injuries. So, if you also require help from a hip replacement surgeon in India, kindly contact Mewar Hospital.

Indications For Hip Replacement Procedure

There can be a presence of some signs that indicates the probabilities of having a hip replacement. Some of them are mentioned below.
1. If there is an inflexibility in the hip and you aren’t able to lift the leg.
2. if there is a malfunction of non-surgical options to bring pain relief.
3. If you’re experiencing pain even in a seating or resting position.
4. If the pain stops you to perform activities like bending, walking, or going upstairs.
5. If you’re suffering from depression or there is a transformation in mental health.

Along with such things, there can be an evaluation of some things by the hip replacement surgeon in India. They need to check the health condition of the patient as there can be a risk among each specific patient.


You can have a look at the facilities of Mewar Hospital instead of finding a hip replacement surgeon near me on Google. Simply enter the name of our unit and you will get to know more about us on the official website. Now, talking about the procedure, it will take some hours to execute completely. In the beginning, the doctor will cut the front or side of the hip. After that, he will eliminate the damaged and unhealthy bone and cartilage. Subsequently, he will implant a prosthetic socket into the pelvic bone. This will be done to substitute the injured socket.
Then, there will be a replacement of a round ball which is located on the top of the femur. And it will be replaced by a prosthetic ball that is attached to a stem that fits into the thighbone. Although, the procedure can vary from place to place as the techniques are developing for this method. And doctors are finding techniques that can be less invasive.

Other Things To Know About Hip Replacement Surgery

This is such a kind of procedure that has assisted several patients around the globe. Although you may also need to be aware of one thing that some risks are connected with it. After the completion of the surgery, there will be a need for some months to achieve complete recovery. And the implants used in the operation will not last forever.

Support From Mewar Hospital

We have a team of some fine orthopedists that can handle the tasks of joint replacement surgery. Out of which, one important treatment facility that you can avail from many of our specialists is hip replacement surgery. Even if you wish to get support from a hip replacement doctor in India for primary replacement. Or there is a need to perform the revision surgery after the completion of its life, you can visit here. We are here to bring both primary and revision hip replacement assistance.
And those who are not in a need of this kind of operation, we have something more to tell. For example, our doctors can bring the assistance of some other hip-based support. Like, if someone has dealt with hip fractures, dislocation, or requires surgical repair, they can contact us. Apart from such things, if you have any doubt or concern in other sections of orthopedics, let us inform. Mewar Hospitals is the name of a giant unit where you can find the services of numerous treatment options.

How To Make Hip Health Secured?

There are some things to bear in mind for care of your hips.

1. You need to concentrate on those items which favor your health. Try to consume things that are good for bone health and avoid fractures. You can go for green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil, and fatty fishes, etc. Ask the doctor to know better about this topic.

2. To make yourselves away from finding the best hospital for hip replacement surgery in India. It is important to observe some things. And one of the major things is identifying changes in the body. For example, if you’re finding pain in the hips and it isn’t going after long. And if someone has done several attempts in relieving the pain. Then, you need to be cautious of arthritis. Because it can worsen the condition of your hip joint over time. Some of our hip replacement surgeons in India can bring the service of comprehensive care for arthritis. So, you can connect with our faculty for a better response.

3. Try to put your lifestyle in such a manner that it includes regular exercise. Performing a low level of exercise can finely help you. Along with that, it is a good approach if you find yourself fit. Try to keep the level of weight in a healthy range.

The Ending Note

Our hospital is there for hip replacement surgery treatment in India to assist the patients. A lot of cases have been addressed by our centers. And numerous people found satisfactory outcomes for their health. So, you can also deal with the replacement procedure by taking our help. For more assistance, you can take an appointment to meet our surgeon. Else, there is a facility to call on our helpline numbers and chat support on the website.

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