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Searching for Best Spine Surgeon in India? Mewar Hospitals Can Assist There would have been…

Searching for Best Spine Surgeon in India?
Mewar Hospitals Can Assist

There would have been a number of people in India suffering from spine problems. Being vital support for our body, it needs special care. Sometimes, the situation can go out of our hands, and thus, people have to take support from an expert. There are some activities that a doctor can prefer in restoring spine health. But, if the trouble isn’t getting solved even after such efforts, the person may have to prepare for the surgery. In such cases, people may look for the best spine surgery hospital to occupy the best treatment. If there is a related need, one may have a preference for Mewar Hospitals.

Our team of proficient candidates makes us one of the best spine surgery hospitals in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Now, before moving forward to describe the services available in our centers. It is important to let you aware of some important things regarding the spine. So firstly, let’s have a look at the meaning and importance of the spine.

About Spine

You can identify this term with another common name as the ‘backbone’. It proves to be the essential support structure for the body. It initiates from the base of our skull and ends at the pelvis. There are some other names for the spine like a spinal column or a vertebral column. Here, you can find a column of 26 bones in an adult body. Of which 24 of them are vertebrae with cartilage and the rest two are coccyx and sacrum.

Some important regions of the spine are as follows:

1. Cervical

The cervical spine stands as the topmost spine part. This is the neck area where you can explore seven vertebrae ranging from C1 to C7. The name for C1 is atlas and C2 is known as the axis.

2. Thoracic

This region includes 12 vertebrae in the chest portion. They have a range of T1 to T12 and are called the thoracic spine. They are known to be bigger but much less flexible than the cervical vertebrae.

3. Lumbar

The lumbar spine or lower back has a series of vertebrae L1 to L5 in general cases. However, some people may have a presence of six lumbar vertebrae. It attaches the thoracic spine and pelvis, proves to be the largest vertebrae, and tolerates the bulk of body weight.

4. Sacral

Talking about the sacral part of the spine, there is a formation of a single bone in the adult skeleton. This is formed by the combination of five smaller vertebrae at the time of adolescence. It contains a shape of flat and triangular bone present in the lower back. And stuck between the two hip bones.

5. Coccygeal

You can identify a coccyx as a solo bone in the adult skeleton. This one is shaped by the union of four little vertebrae in the duration of adolescence.

Still, if you want to know more about these things, please consult our best spine doctor. With the help of an appointment, you can put your queries and concerns leading to spine health.

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    Importance of Spine

    * Supports the body weight.

    * Safeguards the spinal cord.

    * Allows multiple functions like moving in every direction.

    Factors That Affect Spine Health

    You may have listened from various people about the issues of back pain. Even some of our readers would have trouble regarding this matter. If you ask the causes of lower back pain from a top spine surgeon in India. He will surely include various conditions of the spine in this context. So, here is a short viewing of some causes behind pain related to the spine surgery cost.


    When there comes a condition of sensitive fractures or dislocations of the spine, it may lead to pain. If someone faces lower back pain after a trauma like an accident or fall, they need to address it with an expert. Along with treating trauma cases, You can remember Mewar Hospitals as one of the best spine surgery hospitals.

    Facet Joint Dysfunction

    In the lumbar spine, there is an arrangement of two facet joints behind every disc at every motion. Such joints can put pain by themselves or with the combination of disc pain.

    Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

    The sacroiliac joint stands as a powerful and low-motion joint. It links the sacrum in the spine’s bottom to each side of the pelvis. It mainly soaks up the tension and shock between the lower and upper body. A feeling of pain can happen when it becomes inflamed or if too much or too little joint motion exists.

    Spinal Stenosis

    It is one of those situations that can create pain through the narrowing of the spinal canal. And that in the place where nerve roots are situated.


    This condition happens when something is pressed on the sciatic nerve which passes through the buttocks. And expands down the back of the leg. This circumstance can also put a feeling of pain inside people.


    When a vertebra of the lower spine trips from its place, this condition takes place.


    This form of arthritis can also lead to pain in the back. It can result from wear and tear of facet joints and discs.


    Some kinds of deformity may have a link with lower back pain if it results in a breakdown of the discs. And some other mentioned things like stenosis, sacroiliac joints, or facet joints, Joint Replacement.


    If there is a progressive reduction in bone density and strength, there can be an emergence of painful vertebrae fractures.

    So, if you’re searching for a spine surgeon near me, kindly inform us to achieve some fine services.

    Available Treatment Options From Mewar Hospitals

    One of our best doctors for spine treatment can provide numerous treatment options. They are listed below along with some useful information.


    Laminectomy is a surgery that manages some room by removal of the lamina. Lamina is the bone part that creates a vertebral curve in the spine. You can also identify other names of this surgical procedure as decompression surgery, lumbar laminectomy, and cervical laminectomy, etc. This kind of surgery will only come in charge if the symptoms interfere with the daily life of a person. And conditions when other less invasive treatments fail to produce satisfactory outcomes. This practice often appears in relieving the effects of spinal stenosis.


    You can identify this method as an alternative to laminectomy. It means if you take help from the best doctor for spine treatment, he will try to rebuild the vertebral lamina. This process will take place by decompressing the spinal cord. This method will only be performed on the cervical spine (vertebrae in the neck).

    Micro Discectomies

    Also referred to as micro decompression surgery, you can identify it as minimally invasive surgery. Those who face herniated lumbar disc are the candidates for this surgical method. Microdiscectomy proves to be a productive measure in removing sciatica pain due to disc herniation. In the procedure, the parts of the herniated disc will be eliminated. So there can be an ease in the spinal nerve column. If you get this treatment from the best spine doctor and everything goes well. Then, you can expect to achieve a shorter recovery time and leaving the hospital soon.

    Spinal Fusion

    This is yet another surgery related to the spine. Here, you can identify linking two or more vertebrae permanently to remove motion between them. With its help, a person can obtain improved stability, correction in deformity, and reduced pain. Even if there is spinal instability or weakness, or a herniated disk, you can take help from spinal fusion. When medications, therapies, and other treatment options like steroid injections don’t relieve back pain. Then, the best doctors for spine treatment may consider this practice if they know the exact cause.

    Disc Replacement Surgery

    So basically, you can admire lumbar disc replacement as a kind of back or spine surgery. Here, a damaged or deteriorated disk present in the lower side of the spine achieves replacement. The artificial disc that comes into its place can be of metal or a mixture of metal and plastic. You can recognize this surgery to be a substitute for spinal fusion.

    Spinal Fixation

    Also called vertebral fixation, the process contains attaching two or more vertebrae with each other. This is done with the help of a synthetic vertebral fixation device. One of the main reasons behind operating this task is to avoid possible harm to the spinal cord or roots.  And it also aims to lessen down the vertebral mobility. If there are occurrences like a vertebral deformity, fracture, or some disorders like spondylolisthesis. Then, you may have to search for a spine surgeon near me and take his assistance.

    Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    There are many top spine surgeons in India providing this kind of surgery. It takes place with the help of a thin tube with no presence of air (in a water environment). One of the major objectives behind these processes is to relieve pain with minimum trouble to soft tissues. It also contains a minimum loss of blood and complications, minimum anesthesia, and minimum scar formation. You can assume the endoscopic spine surgery as an advanced and minimally invasive procedure. With its help, a patient can get quick recovery time and fewer chronic pain as compared to conventional spine surgeries.

    Spine Stabilization Surgeries

    One of our best doctors for spine treatment can present the service of spine stabilization surgery. Those who find instability leading to their spine can opt for this treatment option. The instability can be due to numerous factors including injury, trauma, degenerative disc illness, kyphosis, and scoliosis, etc. You can also find its name as an immobilization technique that incorporates the installation of hardware and bone grafts. And that is for fusing segments of the spine.

    Spine Tumor Surgery

    Along with diseases and other problems, there can be an existence of tumors in the spine. Tumors are uncharacteristic tissue growths inside the spinal column. They can either appear in the form of cancerous and non-cancerous. One of the common symptoms following this kind of tumor is back pain. Even there can be some symptoms that may relate to the spine tumor. For example, sciatica, spinal deformity, numbness, partial paralysis, fever, or difficulty controlling the bladder. That’s why there is a requirement of the best spine doctor who could observe the conditions through some diagnostic approaches. And treat the condition by using appropriate surgical methods.

    Vertebroplasty And Kyphoplasty

    From the side of top spine surgeon in India, two other treatment options people can discover are vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. They prove to be a minimally invasive procedure when there is a presence of vertebral compression fractures. When a body experiences this kind of fractures, the ordinary shape of the bone gets compressed which creates pain. The fractures can be due to conditions like osteoporosis.

    Vertebroplasty will be said when done with the patient in a sedate manner but he remains awake. And kyphoplasty, also known as balloon kyphoplasty happens under general anesthesia and can also be done with local anesthesia. Both of them, however, proves to be similar procedures. A hollow needle is passed through the skin of the patient’s back into the vertebra which is fractured.

    More About Neurosurgery Department Of Mewar Hospitals

    From our side, a person can also take advantage of the spinal procedure by neuron avigation. Apart from minimally invasive procedures, you can identify some major surgical approaches like complex spinal reconstruction from our doctors. So, these were the treatment options that you read from our team of the spine surgery department. We have a strong team that can handle various cases. So, if you’re planning to visit here especially for the related assistance, you can put trust on our side.

    Even if you want to know more about this related field. Or there is something more which you didn’t find, kindly inform us through mail or call assistance. Even we’re ready with chat support on the website where you can talk to one of our teammates. Else, there is an option to book an appointment to meet our doctors personally and gaining usable knowledge. Stop wasting your valuable time looking at a spine surgeon near me and identify our name in difficult situations.

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