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The Mewar Hospital is the largest chain of Orthopaedic Hospitals in India.
Looking For Best Neurosurgeon In India? Here’s What You Need To Look

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Mewar Hospitals offer high quality range of surgical services which are undertaken as day care and inpatient procedure.
Looking for A Best Trauma Center in India? Get Related Treatment from Mewar Hospitals

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Knee Surgery
Looking For A Total Knee Replacement Surgeon In India? Visit Mewar Hospitals
Hip Surgery
Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In India? Visit Mewar Hospitals

My family trusts Mewar Hospitals completely, Thus have been with us for years and helped us on numerous occasions

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Mewar Orthopedic Hospitals

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    Best Orthopedic treatment in India


    The Mewar Hospital is the largest chain of Orthopaedic Hospitals in India.

    Best Neurosurgery Hospital in India


    Looking For Best Neurosurgeon In India? Here’s What You Need To Look

    Best Trauma care Hospital in India

    Trauma Care

    Looking for A Best Trauma Center in India? Get Related Treatment from Mewar Hospitals

    Best Hip Replacement Surgery

    Hip Replacement

    Looking For A Hip Replacement Surgeon In India? Visit Mewar Hospitals Nowadays, a lot of…

    Mewar Hospitals
    Specialized Team

    We are a team of Joint Replacement, Trauma and Arthroscopy who work together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require at a very time that suits you.

    Dr. Devashree Chhaparwal

    Senior Orthopedic Surgeon

    22 Years of Rich Experience in Pediatrics Orthopaedic, Polio, CP, Trauma Surgery, Arthroscopy, Joint Replacements

    Dr. Saurabh Jain

    Senior Consultant - Neurosurgery

    Senior Consultant – Neurosurgery (Brain & Spine Surgeon)

    Fellowship in Neurosurgery from New York USA

    Dr Ashwini Kumar Khicher

    Arthoplasty, Arthroscopy & Pelvic-acetabular Surgery

    M.S.(Ortho), Fellowship in Arthroplasty, Fellowship in Pelvi Acetabular Reconstruction Surgery & Fellowship in Arthroscopy

    Dr. Kingshuk Ganguly

    Consultant - Orthopedics

    Speciality: MBBS, M.S(. Ortho) – Musculoskeletal Trauma, Arthroscopic knee and Shoulder Surgeries, Polytrauma Management

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    Have an emergency? Mewar Hospitals is consistently there to make things simpler for you. Aim is to provide our patients with the best clinical and orthopedic services and all our support. If you would like to connect for more information or to speak with our representative, please fill out the form below.

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      The largest chain of Orthopedic Hospitals in India
      Looking For Best Neurosurgeon In India ?
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      Have an emergency? Mewar Hospitals is consistently there to make things simpler for you.

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      Best Multispeciality Hospital in India

      We welcome and cherish your presence to Mewar Group of Hospitals; a place that is known for various treatment options. We belong to a name that is serving its facilities in various cities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. With the assistance of our experienced team of doctors, people can rely on our services. We attempt to provide treatment options that benefit the patient in a better way. And with having several facilities, people can choose us as a super multispeciality hospital in India." One of the imperative features in the life of a person is good health. If someone is satisfied with its health, they can feel the taste of joy. But, when someone suffers from different health conditions, they better know the feeling inside. We know the importance of the word health and it surely proves to be one of the greatest wealth. Sometimes, people recover from a health problem naturally or with the help of some medications. While you can find those who require expert supervision. For that, if someone is searching for a best multispeciality hospital in India, they can look at our services.

      Centers of Mewar Hospitals

      This medical institution has managed to locate its centers in some major cities of Rajasthan. For example, they are situated in Ajmer, Udaipur, Kota, Banswara, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh. You can also find us in the cities of Madhya Pradesh like Dhar, Mandsaur, Ujjain, and Shahdol. With its help, several patients have arrived here to find medical assistance. And not about the mentioned places, you can also see the presence of people from connecting villages and towns.

      Services Offered From the usual assistance to handling bigger cases, we are attentive towards delivering a range of facilities. Our sensible doctors are there to listen to your problems and consult about things that can happen.

      Orthopedic Department

      This term may be known to many people, even to our readers as well. And why not, people of different age groups have to take the related assistance in various events. But, the entire people cannot know about what an orthopedic doctor does. You can simply narrate them with the bones and joints of our body. Every doctor is specialized in a particular field. When we talk about an orthopedic, they are expert aspirants to look for various conditions. For example, injuries or pain by physical activities or sports. If someone faces fractures, back pain, broken bones, muscle strains and sprains, torn ligaments and muscles or bone tumors, etc. Then, they will have to consult an orthopedic doctor. When someone faces an injury, the pain in muscles and joints may affect for some time. But, if it continues to more than a dozen weeks, they can better consider a specialist orthopedic. Today, we can see a great demand for such doctors as various related issues is common in almost all places. People suffer from knee pain and they have to go through treatments and even operations. Even if someone is facing such troubles and looking forward to a best orthopedic hospital in India, we are here. Mewar Hospitals is comprised of those orthopedics who can supervise the patients in cases linked to bones, joints, and muscles.

      Neurology Department

      Like, if someone is having issues with the bodys nervous system, what will he do? For those who dont know about it, we will simplistically help them. A neurologist refers to the doctor experienced in treating cases like diseases, injuries, or disorders of the nervous system. Here, the brain and spinal cord are the two major things that come under it.
      There have been hundreds of patients suffering from conditions related to this matter. And what they need is a guide that could identify their problem and prescribe a better treatment option. So, if someone is looking forward to the Best neurologist in India they can reach to our mentioned places. Surely we can face diseases in any part of the body, but we have the presence of doctors. They are a way to let us recover from the condition. Regarding neurologist-based assistance, you can rely on our expertise candidates. They will help you in finding ease of the related concern.

      Consider These Things

      Not every human being takes proper care of its health. But, people should keep looking to its wellbeing. Otherwise, they may have to face some displeasing consequences. You need to remember that our creator has made illness that can arrive in anyone body. And before it takes any serious face, you need to be cautious. Yes, some things end up in a shorter note. But, if someone is facing problems for a longer time, they need to consult a specialist person. The doors of Mewar Hospitals are always open to treat patients with certain health conditions. So they could get better and relieve the level of worries from their mind.

      Trust Our Side When a person enters into the stage where he needs to take the hospitals assistance, it feels a bit distressing. And not for the patient, his family members and loved ones also feel distressed until he moves in a good position. This is human psychology which anyone of us can feel. But instead, people should rather hope for the good. After admitting, the patient comes under the control of expert physicians. This means that you need to trust them because they will attempt to make the patients condition stable. When a person who holds a special place in your heart faces upsets in his health, you manage different things. And in such scenarios, even money doesnt matter but what actually matters is the healthy recovery. For that, you find hospitals that are known for the related treatments.
      When the subject is about the Best multispeciality hospital in India, they can become a priority. This is due to the facilities that one can avail of. After considering the services of Mewar Hospitals, we will also try to bring suitable treatment options to the patient. We have the availability of some astonishing medical facilities, especially in Tier-2 and Tier-3.

      The Ending Note
      We hope that the person who comes to our side with a problem goes with leaving it behind. And what goes to him are good memories and good health. This group of hospitals has managed to handle various critical cases and set up a benchmark. You can explore the official website to watch the achievements made by our team. That will also deliver a fine idea regarding our success. Instead of searching for Super speciality hospital near me, give us a chance to display our hospitality standards. You can visit any of our branch which seems to be closer to your locality. And we will further help to let you connect with the doctors for better assistance. If there is a query in mind regarding any of our services, please feel free to call us. And we will be there to assist you. With the arrival of the recent pandemic, we request you to be safe and make yourself protected. With the help of self-protection, we can manage to assist the wellbeing of our health as well as of others. Thats why follow the necessary guidelines directed by the government of India and keep away from this unpleasing condition.

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