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Looking for A Best Trauma Center in India? Get Related Treatment from Mewar Hospitals  There…

Looking for A Best Trauma Center in India?
Get Related Treatment from Mewar Hospitals

There can be some incidences that can create a deep impact on their life. For example, due to an event that disturbs emotionally and mentally. Here, we’re going to tell you about the term ‘trauma’ and its related treatment options. Whether the thing is about physical or mental trauma treatment, Mewar Hospitals is present to help the patients. In this segment, you will read about many informative things that relate to trauma. But firstly, it is important to recognize its actual meaning. So, let’s begin with some information leading to the trauma.

About Trauma

When an event creates an emotional, physical, or psychological disturbance in a person’s life, it will be counted under a traumatic event. Here, the condition of a person may become terrorized, nervous, stressful, or scared. This means that trauma can cause numerous kinds of physical and emotional symptoms.

For example,

extreme pain or injury by accident

death of a close person



natural disasters

physical abuse like rape

domestic abuse

punishment of prison

Like, if a person comes in contact with a car accident and experiences severe pain or injury. Then he may have to take assistance from accidental injury treatment. Sometimes, people meet with such kinds of accidents that they have to look for an emergency care hospital in India. It is because the condition of the patient becomes critical and he requires immediate treatment.

How Does Trauma Affect The Person?

This term can result in an extremely troubling or upsetting condition that can devastate a person’s ability. Like, creating a feeling of helplessness and reducing the sense to undergo the entire range of feelings and experiences. Even people living with that person also feel low and hope for the patient to return to a normal state. Consequently, they find a place where the person can achieve the treatment and get fine. For that, you can visit the centers of Mewar Hospitals where the trauma experts can cost something good. We have a team of doctors having the capability in dealing with different kinds of trauma. So, you can get in touch with them and speak about the situation which the patient is facing.

About Physical Trauma

You can get an idea by its name as it refers to a physical injury. This condition, in many cases, calls for immediate medical attention. You can see the presence of physical trauma due to blunt, penetrating, or burnt kinds. Like, if we talk about blunt force trauma, it takes place when a thing or force hits the body. For example, the things which cause deep cuts, broken bones, or concussions. Secondly, penetrating trauma can be identified when a thing cuts the body or skin, like an open wound. Like, when a knife or bullet enters the body and affecting the tissues. You can take help from our hospital when requiring physical trauma treatment.

Why Treatment Is Important?

Nowadays, you can notice tremendous growth in various sectors. And medical science also attempts to make progressions in its departments. A number of cases are present related to physical trauma. There can be an appearance of sports injuries, falls, natural disasters, or motor vehicle collisions. Even, some events may take place in the home, street, or during work for which instant care is obligatory. You may be aware of one important thing that many cases of physical trauma can lead a person to death. That’s why it proves to be a good choice to opt for a good center regarding treatment.

When a body reacts to a traumatic complaint, the healing time will depend on several factors. For example, age, sex, or brutality of injury. There can be different kinds of noticeable symptoms like fever, increased heart rate, altered mental status, or increased metabolism rate. Inflammation following the injury takes place to safeguard from further damage and initiates the healing process. However, there can be a caution to develop life-threatening complications.

Traumatic Injuries Kinds

A lot of traumatic injuries can take place inside a person. Out of which, we are showing some of them with some information.

Spine Fractures

The occurrence of spine fracture may happen due to several reasons. Out of which, there can be a high-speed accident that may affect the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine. You can take help from our department of orthopedics for accidental injury treatment and treatment of spine-based problems.

Traumatic Brain Injury 

When a blow, bump, or jerk in the head is identified, it can create a disturbance in the brain. Like, affecting its usual function. Even if a head hits an object abruptly or if a thing cut the skull and enters the brain tissue. Then, such things count under traumatic brain injury. For that, you can consult one of our neurologist who is specialized in dealing with the cases of the brain.

Facial Trauma 

Our physical trauma treatment also includes the support of facial trauma. If there is an existence of physical trauma to the face, it will count under facial trauma. For example, it can be in the form of jaw fractures, or soft tissue injuries like burns, bruises, or cuts. So, you can remember our facilities for facial trauma whenever required. To know more about this field, you can visit and ask the queries to our oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Jaw Fracture

Also referred to as mandibular fracture, this fracture arrives in the mandibular bone. In more than half of the cases, the break may happen in two places. Accordingly, a person finds it hard to open the mouth completely. That’s why the treatment of jaw fracture is needed.

Broken Bones 

When someone meets with an accident or an object strikes with a sudden effect on some of our body parts. Then, a person may experience a fracture or broken bones. Some fractures can be very serious and require to visit an emergency care hospital in India. That’s why a person can consult the physician to diagnose for broken bones if face an accident or fall. The orthopedist from our hospital can treat the linked state of affairs so you can manage to come here.

Crush Injury 

One more thing to observe in our physical trauma treatment is crush injury. It can happen because of pressure or strength being put on a body part. Like, in many cases, this injury can take place when a body part is pressed between two heavy objects. As a result, there can be possibilities of damages like bleeding, fracture, bruising, nerve injury, open wound, or infection. You can get assistance from our orthopedic surgeons regarding crush injury.

About Mental Trauma

A person can notice a change in the taste of life due to some unpleasing occurrences. Talking about emotional and psychological trauma, it can occur due to an extremely stressful event. In such a way that it may ruin the wisdom of security, and making the person weak. However, the modes of affecting mental trauma differ from each other. But, if a person achieves a proper support system, he can recover from the condition. There can be different experiences a person can face.

1. Feeling guilty or ashamed

2. Physical symptoms including headaches, nausea, or chest pain

3. Problems in sleeping or requiring a lot of sleep

4. taking stress or coming into depression

5. Adopting risky behaviors like smoking, drinking, drug use, or overeating.

How Mental Trauma Can Affect The Body?

When a person suffers from emotional trauma, there can be some kinds of long-lasting brain changes. And those changes may lead to addiction to a bad habit or other concerns like depression. These things that put a serious impact on their lives and the pleasure of living become devastated. When different kinds of traumatic scenarios come under charge, the emotions and feelings of a person changes. Due to this activity, a person faces numerous situations and deal with problematic affairs. One of the things you can understand here is depression.

About Depression

This is a word that relates with negativity. Like, when a person faces an incident that affects his heart and mind with a serious approach. He may live up in a state of depression. There are a lot of reasons present in the atmosphere due to which people become depressed. There can be several things like hopelessness, anxiety, helplessness, and rude feelings that continue to be stuck in the mind. In such cases, a person can take help from places like trauma centers in India. This is because some kinds of therapies or counseling sessions can help in leaving depression from life. Additionally, those who handle trauma cases know different methods to eliminate the person from such circumstances.

Is Childhood Trauma Serious?

Traumatic events aren’t only for adults, they can create an impact on children as well. Especially talking about mental trauma, it can upset the child’s sense of wellbeing. It can be due to an insecure or unstable environment or due to separation from a parent. Even there can be some other things like

1. domestic violence

2. sexual abuse

3. physical torture

4. verbal mistreatment

5. neglect

6. serious illness

Trauma especially during childhood proves to be a very serious condition. And mental trauma treatment becomes necessary because it can create a serious and long-lasting effect in their life. If a child doesn’t obtain the treatment and the situation remains unsolved. Then he may face a sense of fear and helplessness, and likely to develop further trauma in adulthood. Some normal and abnormal symptoms following emotional and psychological trauma include

1. confusion or difficulty in concentrating

2. feeling disconnected, sad

3. a feeling of shame and hopelessness

4. guilt, self-blame

5. shock or disbelief

6. fear and anxiety

Some physical symptoms may appear like fatigue, edginess, agitation, racing heartbeat, muscle tension, aches and pain, insomnia or nightmares, etc.

Remember, if you’re observing some changes in a child and noticing the symptoms of mental trauma. Firstly try to accompany them with a positive approach. Make them indulge in activities that freshens their mind and makes their heart happy. Even if something doesn’t happen after numerous efforts, you can take them to a Best trauma center in India. Because they are the places in which specialist physicians take charge of putting the children out from unusual states.

Emergency Care Support

A lot of emergency care hospitals in India are present at the current moment. Out of which, Mewar Hospital is also dedicated to supplying its facilities in some cities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. If someone has a requirement of accidental injury treatment and they want immediate support. Then we are ready to convey the services with the help of our skilled doctors. An accident can be in the form of road collisions or due to some other reasons. Sometimes, people face little wounds or damages that can heal with the help of general doctors. But, there can be a likelihood to get injured in such a way that the condition of the patient becomes critical. At such occurrences, we require professional support who can start the treatment with a rapid approach.

You can consider Mewar Hospital as one of the trauma centers in India for multiple trauma cases – Total Knee Replacement.

What If A Person Experiences A Traumatic Event?

In severe cases of trauma, a difficulty may arise to talk with the sufferer. He may not express his feelings even in front of his closed ones and wants some personal space. But, someone needs to try and talk to him personally and support to grow up again. Your support may administer a good recovery and well-being for the patient even if he’s going through physical trauma treatment.

Things A Traumatic Person Should Try

Life needs motivation at different intervals of time. Even if someone is achieving treatment of trauma, they need to stay positive. That everything will be fine and soon he will appear back in the usual life. They need to look at the betterment of health and try to take a healthy diet. It is also important not to include bad lifestyle activities like smoking, alcohol, or drug usage. As they are more likely to degrade the health’s delight and account for putting added health concerns.

Mewar Hospital’s Support

Whether you search for an emergency care hospital in India or trauma assistance, Mewar Hospital is here to support. To know more about the kinds of trauma services available in the department. You can contact our doctors through an appointment. Else please get in touch with us through the mentioned helpline numbers.

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