Looking For Best Neurosurgeon In India? Here’s What You Need To Look You may be…

Looking For Best Neurosurgeon In India?
Here’s What You Need To Look

You may be aware of many illnesses that have made existence in the life of human beings. But, after advancement in medical science, doctors can diagnose various conditions. Though, numerous diseases can be displeasing for people. But fortunately, you can see the presence of specialists that can handle the conditions varying from intermediate to typical. Like, if we tell you about the department of neurology, it proves to be an important sector. And there are thousands of patients who have to take assistance from a neurosurgeon. You can see a lot of neurology doctors in India who are specialized to treat several conditions. And Mewar Hospitals can also bring you the assistance of the related sayings.
If you want to know about a place for neurosurgery in India. Or whether wish for obtaining some information about this sector. Then continue focusing your eyes on this blog as we will try to convey useful information for the readers. First of all, we would like to make your awareness of the branch of neurology.

What Is A Neurology?

This is such a sector of medicine that contains the study and dealing with disorders related to our nervous system. You can identify the nervous system in two different kinds. Firstly, the central nervous system that includes the brain and spinal cord. Secondly, the peripheral nervous system containing other constituents like ears, eyes, skin, and added sensory receptors. The person who is specialized in this field and able to diagnose or treat related conditions is a neurologist. Whether someone is suffering from issues connected to the brain, spinal cord, or nerves, they can go to consult him.

neurologist contains a great responsibility on his shoulder. Because he has to treat one of the sensitive parts of our body like the brain. Even they have to diagnose the condition properly before considering any kind of treatment. Like, if you visit for the first time, they will likely execute a physical or a neurological exam. He may also recommend some other testing to find out the exact condition since different disorders may contain similar symptoms. So, if you’re looking for a neurology doctor in India for treating disorders, you can visit Mewar Hospitals.

Know Something About Our Neurosurgery Expert

Problems related to the nervous system may appear to different people. And this is one of those departments where you’ll have to need professional assistance. That’s why one cannot rely on general services and need to move towards a specialist. Even if you’re suffering from a problem or searching for a good neurosurgeon near me, please have a look here. From our senior specialist belonging to the neurology department, you will get to see different things. For example, a professional hand with enough experience. And he can stretch the services in different zones of this sector. Given below is a description of our facilities with a bit of knowledgeable information to assist you better.

Services Offered In Neurology Department

Our neurosurgeon contains different approaches like head injury, brain and spine surgery, neurocritical care, and neurorehabilitation. Let’s obtain some information about head injury and its related segments.

Head Injury

This kind of injury is said when something unlikable happens to the brain, skull, or scalp. The level of a problem can vary from a minor bump to a skull or brain injury. You can identify the presence of this injury either in a closed or open manner. The causes behind a head injury can be many. Like, if someone faces a road or sports-related accident, or falls from somewhere. It is said that men are more likely to engage in head injuries as compared to the female class. And in many cases, the chief reason is the usage of alcohol. So, people should avoid these kinds of practices to keep healthy. Because head injuries can bring a serious threat to life, and maybe death.

You can see different kinds of head injuries that prove to be major. Out of which, some of them are as follows.

1. Concussion

It stands as one of the common kinds of head injuries. You can identify it as a traumatic brain injury when a person’s brain gets shaken or jerked. In usual cases, it is caused by a head blow. There can be various symptoms like the absence of memory before some minutes of the injury. Even a person can feel dizziness, confusion, sleepiness or seizures, coordination problems, momentarily losing consciousness, etc. Remember, the results can be severe and you may need to consult the best hospital for neurosurgery for a head injury. For that, you can come to our center and take the related treatment.

2. Hematoma

It is a serious condition and stands for a gathering or clotting of blood outside the blood vessels. Even the consequences are so severe that a person can face permanent brain damage or death. Different kinds of hematoma are there to see. For example, there is an epidural hematoma that proves to be a serious kind of bleeding. Here, one of the blood vessels inside the skull gets worn out due to an injury. Next is acute subdural hematoma that can develop after a serious head trauma due to a fall, assault, or accident. This injury contains a tear in blood vessels and blood gathers between the dura and brain surface.

In the end, there is a chronic subdural hematoma that usually follows a minor injury in the head. It may take place in a person who is older or the one who takes blood-thinning medicines. Even it can happen in some other conditions. As a result, the person may have to face symptoms like confusion, headaches, mild paralysis, seizures, drowsiness, etc. Being such kinds of threatening conditions, there is a need to look for one of the best neurosurgeons in India.

3. Skull Fracture

It stands for a crack or break in the bone near the brain. This condition may take place with or without damage in the brain. But, if a skull is broken, it will not be able to absorb the impact of the blow. And there can be chances for brain damage. That’s why you need to be cautious and consult a professional candidate like a neurosurgeon.

4. Hemorrhage

You may have heard about this term. It stands for uncontrolled bleeding that can happen with the brain tissue or around the brain space.
Even there are some other injuries like diffuse axonal injury, edema, and contusion that may call for serious attention.
So, if someone is facing such an issue, there are a lot of neurology doctors in India. And Mewar Hospitals is also enriched with delivering such kind of assistance to the patients.

What We Primarily Offer?

In the department of head injury, you can identify different services from Mewar Hospitals. For example, our neurosurgeon can treat all kinds of trauma and polytrauma cases. The next thing is about resuscitation in the A & E department. After that, we also provide neurocritical care and surgery for the complex brain. To know more about the services that we offer, please do not hesitate to call us. Either, you can place an appointment and ask our neurologist for better assistance.

Brain Surgery

This is one of the complicated and serious kinds of surgery. Here, we are presenting some information about the services that we offer and attaching some related information.

1. Brain Tumors

When a mass or growth of abnormal cells takes place in the brain, it is known as a brain tumor. They can either be cancerous or non-cancerous. In medical science, you can discover over 100 different types of brain tumors. Out of which, glioma, meningiomas, schwannomas, and pituitary adenomas are some of the common kinds present in the adults. If someone hasn’t got satisfied results after searching for a neurosurgeon near me, they can come to Mewar Hospitals. Because our expert professional can deal with such kinds of issues.

2. Hydrocephalus

It is a condition that takes place when fluids build up in the skull and promote swelling in the brain. You can also identify this condition as ‘water on the brain’ and it can lead to brain damage. You can achieve this kind of service by one of the best neurosurgeon in India.

3. Aneurysm & AVM Surgery

Aneurysm stands for a swelling in the brain’s artery and happens due to a weak area in the blood vessel’s wall. Whereas, an AVM is known to be the uncharacteristic relation between the veins and arteries in the brain. AVM can initiate bleeding without the usual blood vessels to handle blood flow under pressure. And there can be a blood clot in the brain by which death or disability can happen. That’s why prevention and treatment are required. And if someone is in a need of neurosurgery in India, they can connect to our team.

4. Pediatric Neuro Surgery And Neuro Endoscopy

Pediatric neurosurgery focuses on treating issues of the nervous system inside children. On the other side, neuro endoscopy is a surgical practice from which tumor is eliminated through tiny holes.

5. Epilepsy Surgery

Epilepsy surgery is a method that is productive in eradicating or altering the brain’s area where seizures initiate. There are different kinds of epilepsy surgery to see when medications, dietary or other therapies don’t work.

Apart from these things, you can also get the facility of stroke surgery from our neurology doctor in India. Mewar Hospitals is here to work out on your illnesses with the presence of some fine practitioners. So, you can put trust in this private medical authority.

Spine Surgery

Spine proves to be the chief component of our body that supports us. Being a vital part, there can be some injuries and problems related to the spine. So, if you are looking forward to the best hospital for neurosurgery regarding spine surgery, we can support our patients. Let’s have a quick look at some of our treatment options regarding the spine.

1. Laminectomies & Laminoplasty

You can identify the term ‘laminectomy’ as a kind of back surgery. The neurosurgeon attempts this surgery to alleviate compression on the spinal cord. For that, he eliminates the lamina which proves to be the bone part that shapes the spine’s vertebral bend.
Secondly, laminoplasty is also a surgery but it stands as an alternative to cervical laminectomy. It is used to rebuild the vertebral lamina for decompressing the spinal cord.

2. Spine Stabilization Surgeries

If someone faces acute spinal cord injuries, these kinds of surgeries come underuse. Here, the neurosurgeon eliminates the bone fragments and the arrangement of the vertebrae is brought back.

3. Spine Tumor Surgery

You would probably expect different surgical procedures from the best neurosurgeon in India. Out of which, one thing that comes under the list is spine tumor surgery. There can be several tumors that can develop inside the spine. You can inform us if any associated problem appears to your or related ones.

4. Vertebroplasty And Kyphoplasty

You can understand both of them as the latest techniques to treat the pain due to vertebral body compression fractures. Though, the procedures vary from each other, but you can ask our doctor if require this kind of help.

Other Specialized Procedures

If you want the assistance of neurosurgery in India, especially regarding brain biopsy and spinal procedure by Neuronavigation. Then, we request your presence to our hospital where you can obtain this kind of facility. Even if someone is looking forward to procedures like aneurysm clipping, we have the availability of this treatment.

Mewar Hospitals – One of The Best Hospital For Neurosurgery

We are a strong team and we contribute to delivering a neurology doctor in India for handling several cases. Whenever someone finds any concerns related to the nervous system, please feel free to contact us. So we could become a helping hand for the patient in removing his illness. Apart from these things, you can obtain helpful information on other pages of our website as well. If you want to consult your queries to our doctor, kindly let us know so we could make further arrangements.

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