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Get The Best Joint Replacement Surgery in India at Mewar Hospitals Our body is a…

Get The Best Joint Replacement Surgery in India
at Mewar Hospitals

Our body is a combination of tremendous parts that helps us in different ways. We all wish to keep our health fine through different measures. Sometimes, due to lack of care or by other incidents, there can be an impact on some of our body parts. Like, if we talk about joints, they can become damaged due to some injuries or conditions like arthritis. For many people, the situation may attain to such an extent that they have to advance for joint replacement surgery. Being a vital operation, people look for the best hospital for joint replacement to achieve pleasing outcomes. If you’re also staring at the same, we welcome you to take on the services of Mewar Hospitals. We have a giant unit of joint replacement surgeons that can facilitate the patients.

In this section, you will get to know about many things associated with joint replacement surgery. To understand the overall procedure in a better approach, we will initiate by describing joints.

About Joints

In simple terms, one can identify the meaning of joints as a place where multiple bones meet. One can recognize their structure to permit various degrees and kinds of movements. Some of the main joints in our body include shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrist, and ankles. They can move in different directions as they contain synovial fluid. This fluid performs as a lubricant in supporting the joints to move easily. Things like cartilage, synovial membrane, bursas, meniscus, tendons, and ligaments are the things that the joint consists of. Sometimes, an issue in the joint can arrive and people have to advance for joint replacement surgery treatment. Now, we are letting you aware of one serious condition that can affect joints’ health, i.e., arthritis.

Know About Arthritis

Mentioning this kind of inflammation here proves to be necessary. Arthritis, being a joint disorder marks inflammation and often takes place with joint pain. It can create an impact on both men and women,  children, and adults. Over 100 types of arthritis are present, out of which two of them can make a serious impact on the joints. They are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If these conditions affect our joints badly, then a person may require to take assistance from a joint replacement surgeon. Possible symptoms of arthritis include:

  1. Joint Pain
  2. Swelling
  3. Stiffness
  4. Decrease in range of motion
  5. Redness around the joint of the skin.

Regarding Osteoarthritis 

It proves to be the ordinary form of arthritis and being a long-lasting joint condition. When a person suffers from osteoarthritis, their cartilage breaks down. Cartilage helps to cushion the ends of our bones. When the cartilage wears down fully, it will allow the bone to rube on the other bone. This activity causes symptoms like pain and stiffness. Though, a person can make efforts to manage its symptoms. But remember, the damage to joints can’t be overturned. Due to this activity, there can be conditions of taking help from a joint replacement doctor.

Regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis

This is an autoimmune disorder by which joint pain and damage can occur in a person’s body. There are some important things which a person needs to know about this condition. Firstly, not about the joints, this condition can damage other components of the body. Like the heart, blood vessels, lungs, eyes, and skin. Secondly, if joint damage is due to rheumatoid arthritis, it will take place on both sides of the body. For example, if someone undergoes an affected joint in the legs. Then there are many possibilities of affecting the same joint on the other side as well.

The reason behind rheumatoid arthritis to happen is when the immune system of a person attacks its tissues mistakenly. This condition can result in bone erosion and joint deformity. And can affect the joint such badly that a person needs to find the best hospital for joint replacement. Its treatment can go productive when the diagnosis takes place early.

Apart from joint replacement surgery treatment, people can also contact Mewar Hospital for comprehensive care for arthritis.

Know About Joint Replacement Surgery

If you’re searching for one of the best joint replacement surgery in India, we can assist in such conditions. This kind of surgical practice comes under charge when the doctor feels to remove the damaged joint. After removal, it is replaced with a prosthesis made up of plastic, metal, or ceramic material. These types of surgical procedures also support the joints to work better. With their help, a person can find improvement in walking and movements.

Why Joint Replacement Surgery Is Required?

One of the reasons that you can find for picking such kinds of replacement surgeries is due to strong pain. The pain strikes into the joint when it is damaged or worn due to some reasons. And arthritis occurs to be one of the prime causes for considering joint replacement. Even if someone is in rest mode, they can experience pain in their joints. Doctors generally guide the patients for this major surgical practice when other less invasive treatments fail to relieve pain. A person may be recommended first to focus on losing weight, taking some medications, physical therapies, or some assisted devices.

If someone wants to pursue the best joint replacement surgery in India, they can contact our hospital. Talking about the diagnosis process, if there is a presence of arthritis or other joint problems. Then they are usually held by simple X-rays. Those who want to go for this method, even if they’re young. There will be a requirement of sufficient health and medical condition to allow performing the surgery safely.

Mewar Hospital’s Services

Nowadays, you can find many best hospitals for joint replacement. Out of which, Mewar Hospitals also contributes to conveying its services with specialist orthopedists. We have a giant team of joint replacement doctors whose presence is identifiable in numerous cities of two different states. In most of the centers belonging to our name, you can observe at least one specialist physician from the orthopedics department. And particularly those who can deal with replacement-based treatments.

Now, it’s time to talk about the available procedures from our side. You can explore three different kinds of replacement surgeries from our joint replacement surgeons. They are:

  1. Knee Replacement
  2. Hip Replacement
  3. Shoulder Replacement

You will achieve some useful information regarding both the three surgeries.

Knee Replacement

One can recognize its identity in other names like knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement surgery. Like, if someone is looking for a ‘joint replacement surgeon near me‘, especially for knee replacement. Then the condition can be due to various kinds of arthritis that affected the knee joint. Even the surgeon may counsel replacement surgery to those who face severe knee injury. Normally, people can bear until it reaches to uncontrolled manner. Our knee joint, being an important asset of the body has to perform a bunch of tasks. When we feel forceful pain inside them even while resting, it can affect the flavor of living. That’s why one of the chief motives for admiring knee replacement is to relieve severe pain.

This procedure will take some hours, according to the joint replacement surgeon. Firstly, a cut will be made on the knee side to expose the kneecap. Then it goes to the side so the physician could go to the knee joint behind it. Then, the damaged ends of the thigh bone or shin bone will remove out and replaced with a prosthesis. A prosthesis is the name of an artificial body part that can be of materials like plastic, metal, or ceramic.

When To Consider This Kind Of Surgery?

Regarding joint replacement surgery treatment, especially for knees proves to be a major decision. A person can face these circumstances in some conditions like unable to walk very long or well. Or finding troubles in getting in or out of a chair. And when someone feels moderate to severe pain when they’re resting.

Hip Replacement

Do you know, with the help of technological accomplishments, nearly every joint replacement is possible nowadays? This is also a possible thing that many of our readers wouldn’t be known about hip replacement or arthroplasty. There can be a bad effect on the hip joint and people face conditions of worn-out or damaged hip joint. During the process, the doctor will replace the old joint with an artificial joint (prosthesis).

Why It Is Done?

Regarding hip replacement, it can be a good option for many patients who face hip fractures. And you can assume the involvement of arthritis here as well. Several kinds of arthritis can interfere with severe pain by which people have to take strong decisions.

Even a condition known as osteonecrosis can also lead to bring this type of surgical practice. This condition means if there isn’t an adequate supply of blood to the ball portion of the hip joint. And that can be due to a fracture or dislocation, then the bone might fall down and distort.

Candidates For Hip Replacement Surgery

  1. Those who are finding problematic issues in walking, even with a walker or stick.
  2. When the pain remains or increases even after medications.
  3. When the condition affects the quality of sleep.
  4. When serious issues arise in moving up or downstairs
  5. When you find problems to get up from the seat

Mewar Hospitals can bring one of the best joint replacement surgery in India regarding a hip replacement. You can consult our doctors about this situation and things related to the procedure.

Shoulder Replacement

It can be a new thing to some people how shoulder replacement surgery takes place. Just like the two mentioned replacement surgeries, there can be a presence of arthritis in the shoulders. Or there can be a condition of meeting up with a severe shoulder fracture. With the help of our joint replacement doctor, a person can find ease in pain through shoulder arthroplasty. And it also contributes to restoring the strength, motion, and function following the shoulder.

One of the ordinary reasons for recommending shoulder replacement surgery is due to shoulder arthritis pain. Specifically when the pain doesn’t give up by non-surgical treatments. Though, not every patient is capable of achieving this surgery due to some reasons. In such cases, they need to ask the doctors about other available options to get rid of the problem.


Talking about the conventional method of surgery, the damaged humeral head, (i.e., ball of the joint) is substituted with a metal ball. And the joint socket is substituted through a small plastic cup. Though, you may find some alterations in the prosthesis material. For that, you can consult the orthopedic surgeons to identify such information.

Benefits Of Shoulder Replacement

  1. Contains a fine survival rate.
  2. Helps in restoring motion.
  3. Delivers relief in pain.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Support From Mewar Hospital

Even if someone is searching for a joint replacement surgeon near me for reverse shoulder replacement. Then, you can get the assistance of one of our senior specialist physicians. This procedure involves switching the positions of the ball and socket. Which means that the plastic socket implant gets on the head of the humeral head. And the metal ball implant will be placed where the natural socket of the patient was. Consequently, a person can obtain more stability and there isn’t a requirement for the tendons to hold it in place.

Visit Our Hospital For Joint Replacement Assistance

The team of Mewar Hospitals has witnessed a number of joint replacement surgeries to benefit the people. In the above section, you may find some changes in the practices. But our surgical procedures are more likely to support the patients in a better way. To know about our private institution more, you can visit our branches. Else, there is an option to mail us, chat with us through the website, or connecting through 24X7 helpline numbers.

Try to take care of your health with proper measures and don’t be lazy when something goes wrong. Doctors are there to help you with various treatment options and guidance for the particular condition. So, make sure to remember the name of Mewar Hospitals especially for the assistance of the orthopedic branch.

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