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Joint Replacement Surgery, Orthopedics, Spine Surgery

Specialist Hip Knee & Shoulder Surgery Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgeon Mewar Hospital Bhilwara

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Dr. Abhishek

General Surgery

CONSULTANT LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON Specialist in Gastro-Intestinal Surgery & Endo gynae Surgery Ex-Assistant Professor Surgery S.M.S. Medical college ,Jaipur (RAJ) Mewar Hospital Bhilwara

Dr. Shri Krishan

Orthopedics Surgeon

 Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and Spine & Hip Surgeon – Mewar Hospital Bhilwara

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best orthopedic hospital bhilwara
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Visit Multispeciality Hospital In Bhilwara-Mewar Hospitals

In the present era, we are discovering a lot of diseases, infections, and other problems in our environment. But fortunately, we have the presence of those people who can identify and treat various issues out of them. Yes, we are talking about the doctors who serve their life observing and treating patients. People can find a lot of physicians in their locality. But, if someone searches for a super speciality hospital near me, he may find experienced and professional doctors there.

You can investigate a lot of Mewar Hospital's branches in Rajasthan state. But predominantly talking about Bhilwara, there are different things to know regarding the perspective of a private medical institution. With a growing population and requirements for superior treatment options, people managed to locate some best multispeciality hospitals in Bhilwara. And if we say something about this textile city, a lot of neighboring villages and towns are connected with it. Sometimes, people from rural areas don't achieve suitable options in their locality. For that, one clear option that comes in the mind is to shift towards a better place. And they come to the urban areas where treatment facilities are advanced.

Looking For A Super Speciality Hospital in Bhilwara?

Bhilwara is one of the identifiable cities of its state. You can see many private hospitals in this area. Yes, there are a lot of senior doctors offering patient care. But, the team of Mewar Hospitals is also there to present something useful in different fields. Just like other departments, strong medical support is also required in big cities. We also effort to make a contribution in such things by our services and treatment facilities. So, if you or any of your closed ones are suffering from an ailment and need special care. You must not hesitate to reach us in our available centers. Even if you're looking for a multispeciality hospital in Bhilwara, kindly inform us once through the mentioned contact numbers.

Our Doctors And Their Departments

One of the reasons behind opting for the best hospital is because of the services. And people will consider the services to be superior when the doctors can present satisfying outcomes. It is an honor to state that the Mewar group of hospitals have a tremendous team of doctors from all branches. Even if you have a look at our top physicians, they are well-qualified and experienced in different segments. Else is also performing good services from their side and keeping our level constant. So, let's have a look at our department of neurosurgery where you can find numerous advanced facilities.


Is There Any Best Neurologist In Bhilwara?
We have got an opportunity to convey the services of the neurology sector in cities like Bhilwara. One of our faculties from the field of neurosurgery and spine surgery is bringing the services as a specialist. In the section of neurosurgery, you can determine a vast range in which our expert physician is capable of.

1. Head Injury
Regarding head injury, there are things like all kinds of trauma and polytrauma cases. After that, neurocritical care, surgery for complex brain and spine injury, and resuscitation in A & E department are available.

2. Brain Surgery
People may require treatments related to the brain. That's why, we deliver the services of brain tumors, stroke surgery, epilepsy surgery, neuro endoscopy, and pediatric neurosurgery. Additionally, aneurysm and AVM surgery, and hydrocephalus are also there.

Regarding spine surgery, there is an availability of some facilities which are mentioned below.

1. Laminectomies & Laminoplasty- micro discectomies, disc replacement surgery, and endoscopic spine surgery

2. Spine stabilization surgeries

3. Spine tumor surgery

4. Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
If someone feels a need to occupy any kind of treatment mentioned above, they can reach to our branch. There you'll get the complete information. After fixing the appointment, you can connect with our neurology expert.

General Surgery

We have the availability of various surgical procedures in which our doctors can deal with perfection. If someone has an issue linked to a hernia, there is an open and laparoscopic surgery available for all its kinds. And there is also a facility regarding both open and laparoscopic abdominal surgeries. Apart from these things, surgeries of parts like liver, CBD, gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, adrenals, etc. Those who want to pursue the surgery of the appendix can also contact us. Moving on to the next segment, people can see treatment related to kidney, bladder outlet obstruction, and some urethral surgeries. Our doctors can also deal with the treatment of ureteric & urinary bladder stones.
The management of illnesses linked to veins like varicose veins and arteries are also present. After that, there are some other general surgical practices in which they can bring relief to the patients. Such procedures contain thyroidectomy, breast surgeries, hydrocele, orchidectomy hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal fissure, and bariatric surgery, etc.


Can I Find Any Best Orthopedic Hospital In Bhilwara?
For sure, we have a strong team in the department of orthopedics not only by numbers but also by names. With highly skillful physicians, you can come here to treat your condition related to orthopedics. And our doctors will make attempts from their side to deliver something beneficial. You can identify a few doctors who are senior specialists and serving their facilities. While the rest of the doctors are doing their job in various cities of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Let's have a glimpse of some treatment facilities that you can take advantage of.
* Replacement surgeries for shoulder, hip, and knees

* Sports injuries and ligament rebuilding

* Arthroscopy surgery of shoulder and knees

* Knee and hip protection and repositioning surgeries

* All kinds of a compound and intra articular fractures based on the shoulder, hip, and knees
Our patients can also discover a lot of other things in this related department. We also provide expert opinion for various types of illnesses and fractures linked to the shoulder, hip, and knees. That's why you can ask our professionals for further help so they could deliver good advice in return. With a combination of doctors that can make involvement in other branches. We can state ourselves as one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Bhilwara.

Other Assistance
The Mewar Group of hospitals holds the capability to serve its help in not only some but widespread departments. We have the involvement of some other categories that our orthopedics can handle. Like, there is a department of pathology, obstetrics, gynaecology, urology, andrology, oral & maxillofacial surgery, anesthesiology, and intensivist. So, if you require help in any of the mentioned services, our doctors are there to assist.

The Concluding Message
A lot of things depend on the person regarding its health. If he opts for a fit and healthy life, there can be a restriction on many problems. Otherwise, you may have to become familiar with the assistance of hospitals. So, make yourself healthy and stay fit. And if any problem arises to your physical condition, we are always there for you standing with appropriate services. For further details about our institution, you can visit the official website. Or give us a call to know about what is required from your side.

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