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Knee and Hip replacement,(Primary & Revisions)
Arthroscopy of Lower Limb, Joints, (Knee, Ankle),
ACL reconstruction/sport injuries and




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Get Services of Multi-Speciality Hospital In Banswara By Mewar Hospitals

Nowadays, there is a demand for the best multispeciality hospital in Banswara. With the help of such hospitals, people can avail essential services that can be needed at any stage of life. Fortunately, Mewar Hospitals stands as a good assistant for the people residing in that area. And our institution also contributes as an essential pillar for medical help as a private authority. If there is a problem leading to bones, joints, or the nervous system, we have a team of specialized doctors.

Moreover, you can also spot a group of other things for the treatment. In the upcoming part, we will try to bring some familiarity with things that our doctors can handle well. So, a person could identify the kind of services we offer. And during any related emergency, they remember us for that. So, let's identify some general information from all our departments.

Available Treatment Options

Neurology Sector

The place of a neurosurgeon in medical science proves to be very crucial. Not because they handle the cases related to the brain. But they also deliver both operative and non-operative management. Such candidates are specialized in critical care, assessment, analysis, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. They contain an important yet tricky job role but are helpful for many people who suffer from neurological problems.

If someone experiences severe headaches, chronic pain, numbness or tingling, dizziness, movement problems, etc. they can visit him. Even if you are also willing to know the best neurologist in Banswara, Mewar Hospitals also has the availability. We can make attempts to deliver the assistance of one of our expert doctors. If we mention in a short description, then you can explore brain surgery, spine surgery, and other specialized procedures. To identify proper information, please be free to contact us and fix the appointment with our doctor.

Orthopedics Sector

Our body uses every part to function naturally. Sometimes, there can be a mess with a few body parts by which you may face problems. For example, if we talk about the bones or joints, or the back and neck, people face different problems. In such cases, an orthopedist will be the person to guide appropriately about further implementations. Our expert doctors can display their service in different treatment options.

Like, some people find concerns to their hips or knees. And if they want to adopt their replacement, both primary and revisions, they can prefer our place. Even a lot of other options are available that can assist a person in different scenarios. If you want to take help from one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Banswara, we also offer a consultation service. Our doctors will be there to convey advice for complicated orthopedic problems.

Joint Replacement Surgery

We are a team that proposes its services in more than 10 cities. And due to this capability, we have some exceptional doctors that belong to the diverse field. Just like in the case of Joint replacement surgery, you'll find talented physicians serving their help in different places.

Around 14 doctors are there to bring joint replacement surgery for the patient. This practice stands as a surgical method where parts of a painful or injured joint are firstly eliminated. After that, they get replaced with a plastic, ceramic, or metal device known as prosthesis. It is said that restoring a joint can assist a person to move and feel better. And is also helpful to lessen down the level of pain. Two things that you can see in common for replacing are hips and knees. In other cases, you can also identify ankles, elbows, fingers, and shoulders. With having these major facilities and a lot more, you can identify us as a super speciality hospital in Banswara.

Anaesthesiology & Intensivist

You'll see the presence of an anaesthesiologist in the operating room. Like, if we talk about our department, there is a well-equipped facility of anaesthesiology in the main branch to avail. Our department in this field contains different specialities and sub-speciality in anaesthesia including the clinical one. You can also discover this care in operating theaters whether it proves to be a surgical, diagnostic, or therapeutic practice. If there is a need for anaesthesia or sedation in radiology, endoscopy, or angiography, we convey according to requirement. Else you can see its presence in the pain clinic, acute pain service, or pre and post-operative pain management methods.

General Surgery

One of our senior doctors belonging to the department of general surgery can bring diverse services regarding general surgery. For example, we offer diagnostic and operational treatment for tumors and cysts of glands. Things that you can count in it are thyroid, parathyroid, salivary, and adrenal. Along with that, we also supply our help in cases related to tumors of breast, lipomas, and abdomen.

* Those who are in a need for open and laparoscopic surgery for all types of hernias can contact us.

* We also deliver surgery and aftercare of cases linked to trauma.

* The next thing is about open and laparoscopic endoscopic abdominal surgeries.

* Treatment related to ureteric & urinary bladder stone, kidney, bladder outlet obstruction, prostate, etc.

* The department also includes treating some general surgical procedures. Like, bariatric surgery, anal fissure, hemorrhoid, orchidectomy, etc.
Even if your eyes are looking for some other assistance which isn't mentioned here. Please contact to the given helpline numbers to know about the required details.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

As you can see many of our services that makes us one of the best multispeciality hospitals in Banswara. Now, also have a look at the rest facilities that you can benefit after connecting to our hospital. Like, if we firstly mention obstetrics and Gynaecology, it is a department of services leading to women's care. And presently, our specialist doctor is presenting her services in the city of Banswara. So, you can identify this as a kind of advantage, especially as a local citizen. Whether the need is of emergency gynaecological care or general gynaecology, you can consider us. Even a huge list is also there to see in the corresponding department. For example, management of abnormal uterine bleeding, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction/prolapse, etc.

Other Departments
Despite having such a strong team that can handle various medical divisions. We still have something more to present. After viewing the mentioned services, there are some more services to consider from the Mewar Hospital group. We are here to bring oral and maxillofacial surgery-based services, pathology, urology, andrology, and assistance in spine surgery. All these headings also contain assorted care for the patient according to his condition. So, you can ask our hospital staff for better knowledge.

The Ending Note
Sometimes, we feel better to relocate the patient, especially where the treatment services are fine. And Mewar Hospitals, being a giant group contains specialists in different areas. There can be many things which one can find in the locality. Or there might be a situation where you need support in that department which is better in another branch. For that, you don't need to worry too much. You can make some attempts to shift in that region. If you're not finding any results related to super speciality hospital near me. Then simply call us and visit our nearest branch.

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