All You Want to Know About Total Knee Replacement

December 9, 2020by admin-mewar

What is a knee replacement?

Over 90 percent of people who undergo knee replacement surgery say it improves their pain.

There are different types of knee replacements. Options include:

  • Total Knee Replacement: the whole knee is replaced
  • Partial Knee Replacement: only the affected part of the knee is replaced
  • Bilateral Knee Replacement: both knees are replaced at the same time

In most cases, people have knee replacement surgery because they have OA. Total knee replacement is a very commonly performed operation.

What happens during the procedure?

Most knee replacement surgery is performed under a combination of general anesthesia, peripheral nerve blocks, and spinal (epidural) anesthesia. You will also receive at least one dose of antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

During the procedure, the surgeon will remove bone and diseased cartilage from where your thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) meet at your knee joint.

Those surfaces are then replaced with a metal implant. A piece of special plastic is normally used to replace the backside of the kneecap and finally, this same plastic material is placed in between the two metal parts.

This gives both bones of your knee joint smooth surfaces again so they can flex and bend more freely and painlessly.

After Surgery

Most patients spend only 1–2 nights in the Mewar Hospital following a total knee replacement.

Our doctors will prescribe pain medication and will monitor you for complications.

Shortly after your operation, a physical therapist will start helping with the following:

  • Weight-bearing therapy, including standing and walking
  • A combination of physical and occupational therapy to help you adapt to your new knee

You will need to continue these exercises at home.

When you are able to perform certain tasks, such as getting out of bed alone and using the bathroom, you will be able to go home.

You may need to use a cane or walker for a short period of time after your operation.


Advantages of Knee Replacement Surgery?

  1. Relieves the Knee pain of the joint.
  2. Regains the range of motion of the joint.
  3. The patient can do everyday tasks which were impossible earlier, i.e., walking, climbing stairs, etc.

What is the cost of Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR) in India?

Knee Replacement In India Price
Single Knee Replacement Surgery USD 5,000
Bilateral Knee Replacement USD 8,000

Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR) in Mewar Hospitals ?

  • Rs. 1,25,000 (Including Taxes)  i.e. Approximately USD 1700 (For Indian Citizens Only)
Ortho Knee Implant Component Price
Primary Knee Femoral Rs 28446
Primary Knee Tibial Rs 18689
Primary Knee Insert Rs 10505

Why are costs in Mewar Hospitals lower?

  • We want to help the citizens of India to walk pain-free.
  • We want that knee surgeries should be accessible to all the people in need and must stay in their budget.
  • We are not here to earn from you pain but we are here to serve you.


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