What Causes Hip Pain? Know The Reasons And Related Information

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Hip Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Pain is considered as one of the annoying situations for us. A fair amount of pain can disturb our daily life activities. A person can feel pain in different parts of the body including the hip side. There are certain conditions that can negatively affect the well-being of our hip joint. Thus, there can be a presence of hip pain ranging from mild to severe. Sometimes, getting adequate treatment becomes necessary; otherwise, it may lead to further problems. Even if you’re also suffering from pain on the hip, you can visit Mewar Hospitals. Here, you will find the assistance of our proficient orthopedic surgeons that can support you in such scenarios.

For a better understanding, we will firstly tell you something about the hip joint.

Understanding The Hip Joint

This major joint of the body refers to a ball and socket synovial joint. It is a multiaxial joint that links the pelvic belt to the lower limb. You can understand it as an articulation of the pelvis with the femur. Our hip joint is also considered as an important asset for bearing the body’s weight and providing stability. This joint is responsible to perform a wide range of flexibility. For example,

Flexion and extension- permits to move the leg back and forth

Adduction- permits to move the leg inward to the other leg

Abduction- permits to move the leg out to the side

Rotation- permits to point the toes inward (i.e., internal rotation) or to the outward side (i.e., external rotation). Then moves the straightened leg in the path of the toes.

Know About The Structures

  1. Bones

Basically, our hip joint has the presence of two joints. The first one is the femur (thighbone). Another one is the pelvis which is comprised of three bones, namely ilium, ischium, and pubis. The femur is regarded as the largest bone in our body that extends from the knee to the hip.

 2. Muscles

There is a presence of numerous muscles around the hip joint. The hamstring is a collection of muscles that include the back of the thigh and enlarge to just under the knee. The quadriceps contains four muscles that include the front side of the thigh. The next one is the iliopsoas muscle that expands from the lower back to the upper femur.

 3. Ligaments

To amplify the stability of the hip joint, there is a great role of ligaments. They are separated into two divisions, namely intracapsular and extracapsular. Talking about the intracapsular ligament, it is the only ligament of the head of the femur. Whereas, extracapsular ligaments consists of three ligaments named as iliofemoral ligament, pubofemoral ligament, and ischiofemoral ligament.

 4. Tendons

They also play a vital role in hip functioning. There is a long tendon band that goes alongside the thighbone from our hip to the knee. This band is known as the iliotibial band that delivers a linking point for different hip muscles. If there is a presence of a tight iliotibial band, a person may experience hip issues.

 5. Articular Cartilage

Articular cartilage stands as an exceptionally strong, slippery, and flexible material that wraps the bone at the joint site. The femoral head as well as the acetabulum are lined with this articular cartilage. It also works as a shock absorber. If there is damage in the articular cartilage or if it gets thinned, a person may suffer from some problems.

 6. Neurovascular Supply

Our hip joint is principally innervated by the femoral, sciatic, and obturator nerves. The arterial supply to the hip joint is mainly done with the help of medial and lateral circumflex femoral arteries. In which medial circumflex provides the majority of arterial supply. Whereas, the artery to the head of a femur along with the superior and inferior gluteal arteries manage added supply.

Know About Hip Pain

Although being a stable and strong joint, our hip joint may experience serious issues. There can be a feeling of pain ranging from temporary to severe. A lot of medical conditions are responsible to affect the hip joint badly. So, here is a list of some well-known causes behind hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain


You can identify the trochanteric bursa as a fluid-filled sac located on the exterior side of the hip. It helps to reduce the friction between moving parts of the body like around the joint of the hips. If inflammation of the bursa occurs, it will be considered as bursitis. Some of the common causes of bursitis involve repetitive motions, infections, and rheumatoid conditions.


When the ball of the hip joint misses its actual position from the socket, the dislocation will be there. If it happens, there can be a feeling of pain in the hip side. This condition can be due to a high-impact fall or sports injury.


If there is an inflammation, irritation, or swelling in the tendons, it can lead to tendinitis. Some of its common causes include injury or overuse of the tendons. This condition stands as one of the common causes of hip pain.

Hip Labral Tears

You can identify a hip labral tear as an injury to the labrum. Labrum stands for a soft tissue that wraps the acetabulum (socket) of the hip. A lot of conditions can bring hip labral tear like structural problems, injuries, or degenerative problems. Those who involve in sports like football, soccer, golf, ice hockey, etc. have a likelihood of facing labral tear.


It is a joint inflammation disease in which the articular cartilage wears away. If it happens, there will be damage and inflammation to the bones and consequently, a person experiences hip pain. Being a degenerative disease, there can be a need to perform surgery like hip replacement surgery. For that, you can visit Mewar Hospitals for better treatment facilities.

Hip Fracture

There can be a crack or break in the top quarter of the femur due to fall. Hip fracture proves to be a serious condition and calls for a surgical operation. There are some other reasons behind hip fractures like the presence of osteoporosis, being underweight, lack of calcium, or vitamin D. That’s why; one should focus on the health of their bones. And if anything unpleasant is there, they need to find instant medical support.


This is yet another cause of hip pain. It stands for a bone disease that is common among people of more than 30s. If someone faces osteonecrosis of the hip, there is a loss of blood supply to the femur. Our bone requires a stable supply to stay healthy. If there is a presence of osteonecrosis, the hip joint can be destructed and lead to severe arthritis.

Muscle Or Tendon Strain

When we make use of our muscles and tendons too much, it can lead to a hip flexor strain. In this condition, the muscles as well as tendons become painful, sore, and inflamed. Cyclists, soccer players, dancers, kickers on a football team, or martial artists are more likely to experience this problem. This problem can create pain but may resolve using home remedies, rest, or some exercises.

Symptoms of Hip Pain

If someone is suffering from intense hip pain and searching for relevant treatment. Then they can visit Mewar Hospital that is enriched with the presence of numerous orthopedic surgeons. Remember, pain can be of different kinds. Like, a feeling of pain inside the hip or groin area may lead to problems in the hip joint. Or those who suffer from pain outside of the hip, in the upper thigh, or butt. They have the possibilities of issues outside the joint, like in the muscles and soft tissues. Be attentive if you feel

* limping

* Joint or groin pain

* Loss of motion of the hip

* Muscle stiffness

* Problems to sleep on the hip.

Diagnosis of Hip Pain

If such kind of pain doesn’t settle within a week or two, you must not wait to seek medical assistance. Like, if you visit Mewar Hospitals in such cases, our surgeon will ask some questions regarding the condition. He may recommend some tests to know the problem. For example, there can be a usage of X-rays that helps to display the condition of bones. Else, there is an option of CT (computerized tomography) Scans. It is also productive to find out if a hip joint has an unusual shape.

The next thing is MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans that make use of radio waves for making a picture. That picture helps to inform about the condition of soft tissues inside the hip. He can also take help from a blood test to identify whether the pain is due to an infection or rheumatoid arthritis.

Treatment of Hip Pain

According to the patient’s condition, our orthopedic surgeon will recommend the treatment option. For example, if the condition settles non-surgically, he may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines to ease the pain. A person may also need to take some painkillers in such scenarios. There can be a usage of some injections to better the condition. Or a person may need to perform some physical exercises.

Even if the condition doesn’t settle with non-surgical methods, our surgeon will have to go for the surgical procedure. Here, we are telling you about two of the widely used surgeries for the hip joint.

1. Arthroscopy

It stands as a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses a small incision and a tiny camera and an arthroscope. The telescope goes inside with a tube and transmits the inside view on the TV screen. This activity helps the surgeon to identify the condition inside. Arthroscopy also helps to correct some issues of the joint as well.

2. Hip Replacement Surgery

In this procedure, the surgeon eliminates the damaged sections of the hip joint. Thereafter, it is replaced by an artificial joint known as a prosthesis. With its help, a person finds ease in pain and improves its function. This surgical procedure can come handy in various conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteonecrosis. This surgical procedure takes some hours to accomplish.

There are different kinds of hip replacement surgeries available. For example, total hip replacement surgery, partial hip replacement surgery, revision hip replacement surgery, and hip resurfacing. Out of which, the most common kind of surgery is a total hip replacement surgery. Here, the damaged or worn-out hip sections are substituted with an artificial implant. Partial hip replacement surgery includes the replacement of only one side of the hip joint, i.e., the hip joint. Then, revision hip replacement surgery is for those who have already taken help from this procedure. The life of prosthesis may end up in 15 to 20 years. In such cases, there can be a need to implement the surgery again.

The information given in the upper section about the surgeries may vary from the actual one. So, if you want to know exactly about the procedure of these surgeries, kindly contact our team.

Remember These Points

You need to be concerned about your hip health specifically to get rid of several problems. For that, there is a requirement to adopt some measures like controlling the body’s weight, exercising regularly, strengthening the muscles. If you feel something unusual, try to give some rest to the body. If there is a presence of hip pain at night, try to change your sleeping position. You can also apply ice or heat formula as a home remedy.

The Ending Note

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