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Spine Surgery Cost

The human body contains numerous parts where we can relate the spine as the crucial one. It stands as the medium of our body’s central support. With its help, various elements of our body are connected. It is separated into our neck, thoracic, and lumbar section. Some connecting parts are the chest, head, shoulders, arms, pelvis, and legs. However you can identify the spine as a group of bones, but it remains flexible because of elastic ligaments and spinal disks.

Being one of the crucial assets in our body, there may be a presence of some problems inside it. In the end, a person may have to deal with surgical procedures to get rid of the difficulty. If someone wants to have this kind of treatment, some questions can put up in their mind. One of the major questions that can you can see in common is about the spine surgery cost in India. However, it may vary from center to center and place to place. But, a person would probably want to have this important treatment from a reputed place. Especially the one where doctors are up to the mark and contain a healthy experience to deal with such tasks.

That’s why we present you spine surgery treatment service in Mewar Hospitals. We have a strong team of doctors who are specialized in handling cases linked to the spine. We know how it matters for a person to know about the spine surgery treatment cost. Especially when someone faces financial difficulties. But, if there’s a need to execute the treatment, people can contact us. Before describing more about our medical institution and its services, let’s obtain some more useful information about the spine.

Details About Spine Surgery

There are a total of 33 individual bones loaded on the peak of the other. Talking about the adult spine, there is an understandable S-shaped curve to see. The areas of the low back (lumbar) and neck (cervical) portions contain a minor concave curve. Whereas, the sacral and thoracic parts hold a mild convex curve. With their help, our body can uphold the balance, absorb shock, and permit various motion all through the spinal column. Regarding vertebrae, they are numbered and separated into five different regions, namely cervical, lumbar, thoracic, coccyx, and sacrum. Here, the movement will be done by the top 24 bones. While the sacrum and coccyx will keep on the fuse.

You can identify how the wellbeing of our spine is necessary. Still, if you face some issues and want to consider low-cost spine surgery, you can contact us.


Let’s know about the major regions of our spine.

  • Cervical

It proves to be the highest part of the spine, i.e., the neck. There is a presence of 7 vertebrae from top to bottom and are numbered C1 to C7. Here, our viewers need to know that the chief purpose of our cervical spine is supporting the head’s weight. The first two pairs of cervical vertebra, i.e., C1 and C2 have major workings. C1, also named as atlas is there to support the skull. On the other side, C2 which is named as axis permits the skull and atlas to rotate left and right.

  • Thoracic

This is the mid-back portion that contains a total of 12 vertebrae ranging from T1 to T12. Here, you can identify the key function of this spine as holding the rib cage. Additionally, it safeguards our heart and lungs as well. The curve of this segment bends apparent like a rearward ‘C ‘. Talking about this spine’s motion, it proves to be limited.

  • Lumbar

You may have heard about this term in some cases. It stands as the lower back portion. This is one of the productive spines as it helps to tolerate the body’s weight. You can see 5 vertebrae that come under it as L1-L5. These vertebrae stand as even bigger and stronger as compared to the above 12 vertebrae. The upper body weight comes down on the lumbar by which some back problems can arise in this area. That’s why, if you feel to occupy its treatment, firstly know about the price of spine surgery. For that, you can visit our hospital to know the exact details.

  • Sacral

It contains a specific bone in the adult skeleton called the sacrum. And is figured by the combination of five smaller vertebrae at the time of adolescence. The shape of the sacrum bone is flat and triangular that you can identify in the lower back. And is hold between the two hip bones.

  • Coccygeal

The coccyx, often termed as the human tailbone delivers an attachment to ligaments and muscles of the pelvic level. It is helpful to bear the bodyweight of a person at the time of sitting.

Our Specialized Doctors

While many people would think about the price of spine surgery, many would desire to have an experienced doctor as a priority. So, he could execute the treatment well and the patient gets relief from the problem. Mewar Group of Hospitals has a strong team of doctors who deal in cases related to spine surgery. For example, if someone wants to have spine stabilization surgery, spine tumor surgery, laminectomies, and laminoplasty, Joint Replacement surgery can visit here. You need to be cautious if there is continuous pain, disability, or uneasiness regarding the spine. Because this may be the time where something unpleasant goes inside.

What Spine Surgery Cost Can I Expect in India?

If you want to know the exact price of spine surgery, there will be different things to count. It is not mandatory that you’ll get the same price everywhere. Based on the location, type of treatment, and services given by the medical authority, you will get the exact cost. Still, if someone is moving with a deliberate budget and looking for low-cost spine surgery. Then, they are welcome at Mewar Hospital where they can talk to our doctors via appointment. According to what they prescribe, the hospital staff will identify the exact cost which will come in front of you.

But, apart from all such things, make sure that you don’t repeat the proverb of ‘ax on foot’. Which means don’t wait for the condition to get worse or till the condition where surgery is required. Instead, if a problem is suspected in the early days, we can probably save ourselves from surgery and extra costs.

How To Keep Your Spine Healthy?

To live an active life, the health of the spine is very crucial. Sometimes, its health may affect due to our doings. Though, some things are supposed to be natural. Like, as we age, there can be an experience of elevated aches and joint inflexibility. But, if we indulge in some good exercise habits, we can save ourselves from different unpleasing scenarios. For that, we are mentioning some points that may become productive in your daily lives.

  1. Try to avoid sedentary lifestyle habits. While sitting on a pc screen, make proper adjustments to the chair so your back keeps straight.
  2. It will be good if you avoid lifting immense weight. And if you’re doing this in a usual state of affairs or in the gym. Then, make sure you’re applying absolute bending, lifting, and twisting practices.
  3. You can target more on exercises that build up the core muscles.
  4. If you encounter pain after waking up from sleep, it will be better to sleep in a good position instead of making unusual postures.
  5. Good food will always lead to a healthy life. And the same thing is there for spine health as well. For that, consume a balanced diet that contains essential proteins and nutrients to keep the bones strong.
  6. If you go for the gym and train your muscles, don’t engage yourself in those activities which lead to strains and sprains.
  7. We take a lot of work from our body. At the end of the day, it also calls for a healthy rest. That’s why take proper rest if you deal with all-day working and relax your back and neck muscles.

For any assistance, you can consult our professional candidates for a better approach. Our helpline numbers as well as mail assistance is available to make a better reach.


Try to be careful when you experience those unordinary things that relate to your spine surgery cost. For example, if there is some injury like strain, sprain, or fracture, don’t be lazy to go for treatment. Sometimes people try to wait until the problem gets fixed. But, there can be cases where people have to face added difficulties as the level of trouble arises.

The cost of spine surgery is a different thing. At least you can visit a doctor for a special recommendation for the case. What if he would not consider the surgery and advocate for some other measures! Well, that can be a good thing for sure. That’s why don’t give space for too much trouble in mind. If you feel uncomfortable related to spine-issues, make an appointment and ask the doctor about it.

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