Suffering From Chronic Neck Pain? Know About This Condition And Its Treatment Options

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Suffering From Chronic Neck Pain? Know About This Condition And Its Treatment Options

Neck pain proves to be a common occurrence and has disturbed the daily life routine of millions of people. Surely many of us would have experienced this kind of annoying feeling. If something goes wrong with the neck and it starts paining, we can’t manage many of our workings. Sometimes, the pain may not be of a greater extent and settle down within some time. Still, this can become a serious problem for many. Chronic neck pain can negatively impact the life of a person. Here, in this blog, the team of Mewar Hospitals will try to describe several things about neck pain. But, before that, let’s initiate by getting some useful information about the anatomy of the neck.

About Anatomy of The Neck

The neck is the one that joins our head to the chest and shoulder. Our neck is an important asset of the body that allows us in performing various important tasks. For example, the neck supports the head position and due to its help, a person can turn his head towards stimuli. The neck content involves four compartments. Additionally, it contains anterior and posterior triangles and both of them contain several muscles. There is a presence of the thyroid gland that produces hormones named thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Else, there is a hyoid bone that is the only bone not linked with any other bone.

Key Points About Neck Pain

  1. It is a widespread problem caused by a number of reasons.
  2. As compared to men, women are more likely to suffer from neck pain.
  3. The pain can last for days, weeks, or even months according to the cause.
  4. Many conditions can settle automatically, by rest, or home-based remedies. But, in some cases, a person may require immediate medical attention, or even surgery.

Know About The Symptoms of Neck Pain

Now, moving on to the symptoms, several occurrences are there. The pain can be in the form of different kinds. Like, a person can endure persistent pain, stabbing pain, or a pain that worsens when he keeps his head in one position for some time. Apart from that, the symptoms of neck pain include burning or tingling, muscle tightness or spasms, and tenderness or sensitivity to mild pressure. Neck pain can sometimes be accompanied by pain in the head. Or there can be tingling or numbness in a single or both the arms. Another key symptoms of neck pain involve a reduced capability in moving the head.

A person should not take this condition lightly especially when it continues to trouble. Chronic neck pain can last for months. Sometimes, if the condition is serious, it may continue to create its impact for multiple years. Therefore, if there is a problem regarding the neck, you can consult the doctor. In such cases, Mewar Hospitals can assist with the presence of skilled and experienced orthopedic doctors. They are well-known and fine professionals to help you in solving such worries. You can talk to them, answer their questions, know about the cause, and get a relevant treatment plan.

What Causes Pain In The Neck?

Several conditions account to create pain in the neck. Some of the causes of neck pain are:

  1. Aging

There are conditions related to joints (like osteoarthritis) and spine (spinal stenosis) that can contribute to bring pain in the neck. Such conditions can affect people of younger age, but they are more commonly associated with age.

  1. Injury

A forceful activity that interferes with the neck can also lead to some disturbances. A person suffering from traumatic injury linked to the neck can suffer from pain. For example, in cases of a motor vehicle accident, fall, or at the time of playing sport. The ligaments and muscles of the neck can go outside of their usual range.

  1. Obesity

Sometimes, living an unhealthy lifestyle and posture can also bring problems like neck pain. If a person is obese or overweight, it can disturb the balance of the spine and cause problems in the neck.

  1. Strain

A problem of muscle strain can appear and thus lead to one of the causes of neck pain. It can be due to several reasons. Like, if you’re busy on your mobile, PC, or tablet for hours, such activities can create problems. Even if someone is using his neck muscles over and over and during repetitive or demanding actions, he may suffer from stiffness and pain.

  1. Growths

There can be times when a person suffering from bone spurs, tumors, or cysts experiences neck pain. However, it is not common and happens rarely.

  1. Mental Stress

Sometimes, due to several occurrences, a person can go through worry or tension. Due to this activity, not only he can suffer from neck pain and stiffness, but can also invite some other problems in life.

  1. Others

If a person is suffering from conditions like cancer, he may suffer from neck pain. Apart from that, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, abscesses, or meningitis can also lead to the same. Even a person suffering from a heart attack can suffer from neck pain. It can occur with some other symptoms like sweating, nausea, shortness of breath, pain in the arm or jaw, etc. A slipped herniated disc, infection, or pinched nerves can also become one of the causes of neck pain.

Working For Long on PCs And Laptops?

In the present era, many of us are dealing with a session in offices that require long periods of continuous sitting. A lot of people who work on PCs or laptops for long hours have a complaint of neck pain. Well, that can happen due to several reasons. For example, if you’ll not sit in a proper posture, you’ll have to face problems in the neck and the back. Good positioning is essential for those who involve in such activities. That’s why make sure to keep an eye on this aspect and save yourself from spinal and neck-related problems.

Diagnosis of Neck Pain

If you’re suffering from neck pain that doesn’t go after multiple days and home-based remedies aren’t working, it’s better to see a doctor. You can visit Mewar Hospitals for better guidance and treatment as we have the presence of a skilled team of doctors. At the time of visit, the doctor will review or ask about your medical history. He may also take a physical exam to find out more about the problem. He can ask some questions or inspect muscle strength and reflexes.

To find out the causes of neck pain, the doctor can recommend some tests. This includes imaging tests like MRI, X-ray, or CT Scan. There are some other tests that may come into use for better information. For example, electromyography, myelogram, or nerve conduction studies.

Treatment Options for Neck Pain

For the treatment of neck pain, a lot of options are available.

  1. Medicines

The first option that is generally recommended by the doctors is medicines. For example, aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, or acetaminophen. They are given to bring relief in pain and inflammation. If there is an infection, antibiotics will be suggested.

  1. Therapy

Physical therapy may also be an effective option in this case. Here, the doctor will guide some strengthening and stretching exercises for neck muscles and tendons. With the help of a physical therapist, you can learn to be in a proper posture. Some other procedures may also come into use for the treatment of neck pain. This involves short-term immobilization, traction, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

  1. Injections

A person may also receive steroid injections that assist in relieving pain. The doctor can also guide for numbing medications to bring ease to the pain.

  1. Surgery

In a majority of cases, non-surgical options work fine for the treatment of neck pain. Some serious cases are there in which the doctor guides for surgical practice. This proves to be the last option when conventional options don’t work, there is compression on the spinal cord, or a person is experiencing strong pain. Some cervical spine surgeries like decompression and stabilization can come into charge.

  1. Other Procedures

Some other options can also prove to be effective for relieving neck pain. The first option is acupuncture. Else,  herbal remedies are also known to be used for pain relief.  A massage can also turn out to be an option for the treatment of neck pain that helps to reduce pain and inflammation by releasing muscle tension.

Home-Based Remedies For Neck Pain
  1. You can apply ice or heat packs as they are supposed to be one of the useful methods for relieving pain.
  2. Rest is an important thing. Sometimes, resting alone can bring ease to the pain and a person feels comfortable after some time. Also try to limit activities for some time. For example, if you’re engaged in sports activities, heavy lifting, or things that are contributing to elevating the pain, give rest to your body for proper healing.

Prevention Measures From Neck Pain

  1. If you don’t want to bring such kinds of problems, try to live an active and healthy lifestyle. For that, quit smoking and stop the usage of alcohol. Secondly, cut down excessive weight from the body.
  2. We mentioned stress as one of the major causes of neck pain. If you want to live healthily, there will be a need to limit the level of stress. So, make sure to think about this point and stay away from several worries.
  3. Make a habit to exercise daily. Particularly to stay away from neck-related problems, you can try out strengthening exercises for neck and shoulder muscles. At the time of suffering from neck pain, you can try out some gentle exercises in home under the guidance of a physical therapist.
  4. Always try to be in a good posture. Putting this practice into life forever can deliver positive outcomes and save you from various problematic affairs. Additionally, if you work in a place where longer sitting or standing is required, don’t sit or stand in the same position for too long. Try to change your position timely. Also try to adjust your chair or desktop, keep the screen at eye level and put your head and hips straight.
  5. You must have noticed people who complained about neck pain after sleep. Sometimes, sleeping inadequately can also bring problems. Don’t sleep on your belly, try to sleep in a proper manner. You also need to find out a perfect pillow for better results and it depends on people what kind of pillow suits best to them. Make sure not to use multiple pillows at the time of sleeping.
  6. The current generation is using the phone with no limit. However, continuously using a phone, tablet, or other kinds of a screen can contribute to some problems. But especially regarding the neck, don’t put the mobile or other electronic items between your ear and shoulder.
  7. You need to sleep for an adequate time. Otherwise, it may lead to several disturbances in the body including problems in the neck.
Ending Words From The Team

If there is a presence of neck pain, a person can suffer from various problems. Whether we talk about small activities to a bigger one that comes into our daily-life routine, they can interrupt if there is a presence of pain in the neck. However, people don’t assume this condition to be very serious and think that they’ll get fine after some time. Yes, it’s true but when the level of pain increases and continues to trouble for longer days, you need to be attentive. The neck is an important asset of the body. Therefore, try to visit a doctor and ask what’s causing the pain. The team of Mewar Hospitals is there to serve its medical services. You can visit any of our centers to take support from our doctors.

Else, if you want to know anything related to the hospital, kindly feel free to call on the helpline numbers. We have online chat support that will also assist in delivering help for your queries. Else, you can mail us at the given address.

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