How Does Alcohol Affect Your Bones?

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Osteoporosis And Alcohol: How Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Bones ?


In this beautiful nature, you can find a lot of things that are beneficial for the health of humans. A wide range of options are open for us in terms of eating and drinking. Some of them are extremely favorable for our health. While some things like alcohol are supposed to be hazardous. Consuming fluids like alcohol can lead to serious complications in life, even death. Although it brings harm to the rest of the body, here we will firstly focus on describing how it affects our bones. It has been mentioned in research that constant usage of alcohol can create an impact on bone health especially among adolescents and younger people. Even it can give rise to conditions like osteoporosis later on. Before knowing more about this conversation, let’s firstly know what osteoporosis refers to.

What Is Osteoporosis?

It refers to a bone disease in which the bones become weak and susceptible to break. There are tiny spaces inside our bones. When osteoporosis occurs, it enlarges the size of such spaces. Ultimately, it causes the bone to lose density and strength. Osteoporosis proves to be a silent disease. If it remains unnoticed, there can be a development of bone loss for many years without any symptoms until a person meets with a fracture. Millions of people in this world are suffering from this trouble and many are at high risk because of low bone mass.

Osteoporosis And Alcohol

Alcohol proves to be one of the chief causes behind the development of osteoporosis. Apart from cardiovascular and liver diseases, consumption of alcohol isn’t good for the bones as well. Our bones require an adequate amount of calcium to remain healthy. When a person consumes alcohol, the stomach doesn’t absorb a sufficient amount of calcium. Even it can also obstruct the ability of a person’s body to produce vitamin D. Those who are heavy drinkers have more likelihood of frequent fractures as their bones become brittle. Even their recovery period may also prove to be slow due to malnutrition.

According to some research, it has been found that there is a positive connection between the consumption of alcohol and osteoporosis. People who consume it have greater odds of suffering from osteoporosis. When the bones of a person become dense, there are higher risks of having osteoporosis. But, when a person stops this habit, the bones can become a bit healthier. If you’re finding issues with the health of your bones, kindly visit Mewar Hospitals. We will be there to co-operate with experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons.

Alcohol Effects On Bones

Apart from the mentioned effects, a person can also find some other problems. For example,

1. Issues With The Testosterone Levels

Those men who are engaged in persistent usage of alcohol can experience lower levels of testosterone hormone. The habit of drinking can be blamed for interrupting the levels of the hormone. There is a great role of testosterone hormone as it helps to promote cell building. On the other side, those women who intake alcohol can suffer from lower levels of estrogen hormone. And if this activity occurs, they can have reduced bone strength.

2. Enhance Bone Weakening

The bones can weaken down by the usage of alcohol, particularly in adults. And talking about matured people, drinking alcohol can encourage the progression of bone breakdown.

3. Increase of Cortisol Levels

There is a hormone called cortisol that is commonly regarded as a stress hormone. When a person drinks too much alcohol, this kind of hormone can boost. If it happens, there can be an increase in bone breakdown and a decrease in bone formation.

4. Interruption In Bone Development

Consuming alcohol is responsible for avoiding the development of new bones in the body. This isn’t mandatory for a particular age group. People of any age can struggle with their bone health due to alcohol usage. But, especially talking about children of adolescent age and young adults, drinking can stop vital bone development that only takes place at the time of adolescence and young adulthood.

There is a process called bone remodeling that occurs in several parts of the skeleton. At that time, small parts of the old bone in an adult body are eliminated by cells known as osteoclasts. And the new bone is formed by cells known as osteoblasts. If someone involves the presence of alcohol, there can be an interruption in this process. Therefore, the new bone formation is disrupted.

5. Higher Risk of Falling

The more alcohol a person drinks, there will be greater odds of becoming intoxicated and thus, he can fall down. If it does, there are chances to meet up with osteoporosis fractures especially in cases where a person suffers from thin or weakened bones.

Beware of Drinking Alcohol

Through this blog, the team of Mewar Hospitals suggests you to keep away from habits like drinking alcohol. It not only appreciates the possibilities of osteoporosis but may abuse the person by other means. Instead, you can indulge in other activities which are health-friendly. Try to consume things that are safe and keep you healthy. Nobody will suggest you to have some alcohol for improving your bone health. Giving invitation to conditions like osteoporosis by your own hands just to get some sips of the harmful drink is not a wise decision. And if you continue this habit for long, there can be a lot of suffering in this life.

Risk Factors of Osteoporosis

A lot of risk factors are there to observe regarding osteoporosis. Like, it can be older age, female sex, family history of osteoporosis, small body structure, or low calcium intake. Some other factors involve the usage of tobacco, sedentary lifestyle, eating disorders, and thyroid problems, etc. Sometimes, if there is a presence of low sex hormones, a person can suffer from weakened bones.

How To Reduce The Chances of Alcohol-Related Osteoporosis?

We are mentioning some points by which a person can decrease the likelihood of having alcohol-related osteoporosis.

1. Stop Using Alcohol

The very first thing to do is to leave the habit of drinking. Alcohol is a drug and once it is consumed by a person, he can’t leave it easily. But, at the same time, he needs to understand the fact that intake of alcohol can give him nothing instead of major harm to the body as well as life. But here, you need to remember a very important point. If you want to stop drinking, make sure to take professional assistance. If you’re planning to detox from alcohol by yourself at home, we must tell you that it isn’t a good idea. Even this step can prove to be life-threatening.

2. Focus On Your Diet

We recommend you to focus on good nutrition. In these cases, try to have a balanced diet that includes a good quantity of vitamin D and calcium. Since both of them are beneficial to strengthen the bones. If a person doesn’t consume an adequate amount of calcium, he may suffer from a decreased bone density. To enhance the level of calcium, you can go for dairy products, green leafy vegetables, cereals, orange juice, etc. On the other side, make sure to focus on getting a proper amount of vitamin D. Not only does it support the body to absorb calcium but also assists the bones in other ways. The best way to obtain vitamin D is through sunlight. Else, you can find it in fish, egg yolks, and foods enriched with it.

3. Concentrate On Physical Activities

Along with the first point, try to motivate yourself for regular exercises. A healthy routine can positively assist in the wellbeing of your life. Along with muscles, our bones can get stronger with the help of different exercises. In these cases, you can prefer hiking, running, playing tennis, or may choose resistance exercises.

4. Don’t Smoke As Well

Apart from drinking alcohol, the usage of tobacco can also prove to be hazardous for our health, including the bones. Consumption of tobacco through smoking can lessen down calcium absorption. Additionally, it also affects the hormone levels of a person. Therefore, try to limit the usage of tobacco and if possible, quit it right from today. This activity will help to save you from conditions like osteoporosis.

Negative Consequences of Alcohol On Other Body Parts

Want to know how alcohol can give rise to serious complications in different parts of the body? Have a look at some of them.

 1. Diabetes

By using alcohol, the sugar levels inside our body can get disturbed. When the liver and pancreas don’t function properly, there can be a likelihood of low blood sugar. And when the pancreas is damaged, there can be a presence of excessive sugar in the blood. This is because it will prevent the body from producing adequate insulin to utilize sugar. If someone experiences disturbance in blood sugar levels and it isn’t getting balanced, there can be some complications related to diabetes.

 2. Sexual And Reproductive Health

Alcohol usage can promote some sexual problems. For example, men can experience the problem of erectile dysfunction and women may stop menstruating. These things may elevate the risks of infertility. Women, especially during pregnancy must avoid alcohol. Otherwise, problems like miscarriage, stillbirth, or premature delivery may occur. Remember, the habit of drinking alcohol can put your unborn child at risk.

 3. Immune System

There can be a negative impact on the immune system of a person who drinks alcohol. If it happens, he may find problems in fighting viruses and germs. Especially after the impact of the recent pandemic, you must have also heard about keeping the immunity strong. And one more thing, heavy drinkers are more likely to face problems like tuberculosis and pneumonia.

4. Central Nervous System

You may have noticed that people who drink too much find problems in speech. Or they face difficulties in coordination. This is because alcohol directly affects the central nervous system. This kind of drink is capable of reducing the contact between the brain and the body. A person may also face memory problems and in severe cases, there can be a presence of permanent brain damage.

 5. Digestive System

Intake of alcohol can create harm to the tissues in the digestive tract. This activity prevents the intestines from digesting food. Moreover, the body doesn’t get able to absorb vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, some problems like bloating, gassiness, or diarrhea can occur.

 6. Cancer

Heavy drinking can give rise to one of the most life-threatening conditions, i.e., cancer. This condition can take place in the mouth, liver, throat, colon, and esophagus. Even those who involve themselves in alcohol usage along with tobacco may also need to be attentive. Since they are more likely to develop such kinds of complications.

 7. Circulatory System

A person may find trouble in the circulatory system due to alcohol consumption. Like, there can be a problem of high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart failure, heart attack, stroke, and some heart diseases. Even it has been said that women who consume alcohol have more likelihood to get affected with heart problems as compared to the men who drink. That’s why; if you want to stay away from such affairs, prepare yourself to quit this false habit.

 8. Muscle Problems

Apart from damage to the bones, a person may find issues with his muscle health. Consumption of alcohol can welcome the possibilities of muscle weakness, cramping, and atrophy.

If someone has a habit of drinking, there’s nothing more than harm to your life. Try to avoid this kind of habit so you can stay protected from various unpleasant affairs.

The Ending Note

Bones are an essential part of the body and consuming alcohol can affect their health badly. Even a person may find himself to be trapped in conditions like osteoporosis due to this move. If you’re also suffering from conditions like osteoporosis or having a problem of weakened bones, kindly contact the doctors of Mewar Hospitals. We have a giant chain of orthopedic surgeons in different parts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh that can facilitate you in such affairs. For any kind of related assistance, make sure to visit our center. Else for any query, you can contact our team in the mentioned contact details.

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