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Suffering From Frequent Headaches? Don’t Sacrifice Sleep

Pain in the head is among those conditions through which our daily life can affect badly. We all are aware of several general pains in the body. But, when it comes to a headache, we hope to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is because it is regarded as one of the most uncomfortable conditions in the life of an individual especially when hit with a stronger impact. Today, the team of Mewar Hospital will talk about different aspects of headaches. Also if you’re suffering from chronic or frequent headaches, read this blog to obtain valuable information.

About Headache

It is counted as one of the most general occurrences in our lives. We must have suffered from this sort of pain at least once due to some causes. This condition takes place when you feel pain in any part of the head. It can initiate slowly and sometimes create an impact suddenly. Sometimes, a person finds relief automatically after a while. On the other side, there are cases in which it can continue to trouble for multiple days. However, you don’t need to worry in most cases. Still, if it stays for a longer period and doesn’t settle after self-care measures, you need to meet the doctor.

Causes of Pain In The Head

A headache can be a reason behind skipping work or not attending school or college. This is due to its impact that doesn’t allows the person to involve in his tasks properly. When our head feels heavier than usual, we can’t focus properly on many of our doings. Now, regarding headache types, experts mention nearly 300 types and only a small ratio of it contains a known cause. Let’s know about some of those in detail.

Primary Headaches

Pain in the head is classified as primary or secondary. A primary headache is the result of an over-activity. Here, the main problem is a pain in the head and there can be some contributing factors like medicines, muscle tension, hormonal changes, or dehydration. A primary headache isn’t said to be a symptom of an underlying disease. Some of the common primary headaches are migraine, exercise headaches, tension headaches, etc. Sometimes, this kind of headache can also be due to stress, bad body posture, consuming alcohol, skipping meals, or lack of sleep.

Some Primary Headaches

* Migraine

When we talk about headache, migraine is most often discussed. It stands as a common neurological situation that can create an impact for some hours to even multiple days. One important thing to know about migraine is that women are more affected by it due to hormone fluctuations, as per the reports of the study. It can affect people of several age groups, like children, teens, and adults.

It can appear with sensitivity to light and sound, vomiting, and nausea. Not all people suffer from the same level of migraine. It is categorized into stages like prodrome, aura, attack, and postdrome. All these conditions have a range of symptoms. Talking about the cause, doctors haven’t found the exact reason behind this kind of pain in the head. Still, it is assumed that this condition is linked to changes in the brain and the genes of a person.

* Tension Headache

It is regarded as one of the most common headaches that can bring dull or squeezing pain in both sides of the head. Apart from the head, there can be an ache in the neck and shoulders. The reasons behind this form of headache can be emotional stress, fatigue, or issues with the joints and muscles of the jaw or neck.

* Exercise Headache

If a person participates in a demanding or tiring activity or an exercise, it can lead to problems in the head and thus, he feels pain. The pain can be felt on both sides. It is good to involve in exercise, but make sure it doesn’t go out of the limit. Else, you may find problems like headaches.

Secondary Headaches

Now, regarding secondary headache, it can be a symptom of an underlying medical situation. Some of the causes behind this headache include stroke, brain tumor, an infection, pregnancy, dehydration, dental problems, blood clot, hypertension, etc.

Some Secondary Headaches

* Sinus Headache

In this headache, a person can suffer from pressure around his forehead, eyes, and cheeks. It can also be a result of migraine. This pain can get worse if a person bends himself forward, the same as a migraine. You can have a stuffy nose or a painful sensation in the upper teeth at the time of suffering from a sinus headache. This form of pain can last for some days or even more.

* Medication-Overuse Headache

Sometimes, taking too much medicines for a long time can bring this problem to life. This problem can take place with tension headaches or constant migraine events.

Pregnancy And Headaches

During pregnancy period, it is common for a woman to face headaches. During that time, a woman experiences hormonal changes and stress that becomes the cause of headaches. But remember, there is a need to be cautious at that time. Taking medications to relieve pain might prove to be harmful. Instead, there are some options like putting an ice pack or taking some therapies that will help for better. Make sure to take medicines only under the guidance of your doctor.

Regarding Frequent Headaches

Sometimes, we can bear a minor pain for a while. But, when it appears again and again, it becomes a problematic affair. At one condition, it turns out to be difficult for us to tolerate the level of pain. Regarding headaches, many people suffer from them at a constant period. It comes and usually goes without taking any assistance. But remember, if you’re suffering from frequent headaches, it can be an indication of an injury or an illness. Talk to your doctor if you’re suffering from chronic daily headache, that stretches from about 15 days to more than three months.

Symptoms You Need To Be Aware Of

Sometimes, a headache can give rise to other problems and may appear with an additional complaint. For example, it can bring issues like fever, stiff neck, or shortness of breath. If this happens, try to visit the doctor. Even there can be an appearance of some neurological symptoms along with headaches. This involves seizures, dizziness, paralysis, weakness, numbness, speech problems, vision problems, or loss of balance.

Diagnosis of Headache

Headache is a condition that we can observe easily. Pain in any part or a particular side of the head can indicate something wrong. If you meet the doctor to get rid of pain in the head, you can expect several things. This includes physical exams, tests, medical history, and some other questions. To detect the cause behind headaches, some tests may take place. This includes sinus X-rays, MRI, CT scan, blood tests, etc.

Treatment Options For Headache

The treatment generally depends on the cause that is triggering it. Various medicines are there to lessen the level of pain. Apart from that, doctors also recommend nasal sprays or injectable medications. If needed, they can make some changes to your diet. Else, therapies like heat therapy, oxygen therapy, or acupuncture come into use. Sometimes, if there is a presence of an acute headache, massage can also help positively.

And if the talk is about migraine headaches, the primary treatment option is the same in the form of medicines or injections. Some therapies, exercises, training, or diet changes can do something good in the case of migraine treatment. If the condition is severe, the doctor can take help from surgical methods.

Apart from all these things, there are some home-based options to look at regarding the treatment of headaches. For example, taking help from heat or ice packs, avoiding stress, taking adequate sleep, and preferring a balanced and healthy meal.

Ways To Prevent Headaches

If you want to stay away from this kind of problem, follow these measures:

  1. Keep your body hydrated. Dehydration is regarded as one of the conditions to promote headaches and make them worse.
  2. Take help from relaxation techniques that work better for your body. Whether it can be stretches, meditation, or some other physical therapies. Talk to the doctor about these measures for better outcomes.
  3. You can perform a self-massage for some minutes, especially on the forehead and neck.
  4. According to studies, it has been said that consuming alcohol can make the headache worse and also promote migraines. That’s why, skip this activity from your life for better health.
  5. In case of migraine, you can take help from caffeine, but make sure you consume it in a specific amount. Take rest in a quiet room and take proper sleep. Make a routine of sleeping and waking at a constant time.
The Ending Note From Mewar

We’re living in a society where you can observe various mental complaints in people. For many of us, stress has become a part of life due to numerous reasons. Ups and downs, work pressure, and social and economic problems can appear again and again, but the thing that matters is that they must not affect your health. By such things along with various other causes, we have to suffer from health problems. Especially regarding headaches, we have mentioned their kinds along with the reasons that appreciate their presence. Therefore, make attempts to avoid it as much as you can.

This condition can contribute to bringing bigger problems in life specifically if you don’t take action on time. So, keep an eye on your health and if you feel something wrong, talk to the doctor. For better assistance, the renowned doctors from Mewar Hospital are there for support.

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