Does Cold Weather Cause Joint Pain?

October 16, 2021by admin-mewar

Does Cold Weather Causes Joint Pain?

Nature has given us different kinds of climates. Out of which, many of us give high regards to the cold weather. A different pleasure and fun are observed in a colder season. But, it may not be an entertaining one for some people. Because there can be an experience of pain in the joints during a wintry climate. Want to know why it happens? The team of Mewar Hospitals will try to let you understand the causes by which this condition occurs.

Understanding The Theory

Pain in the joints can be an indication of an injury or a health condition. Especially during winter, there can be a presence of discomfort in the joints like knees, ankles, and hips. According to a study, it has been identified that people having arthritis may endure joint pain and discomfort for every 10-degree fall in temperature. Although, the exact reasons behind joint pain and cold weather remain unclear. According to some researches, apart from temperature, barometric pressure can also be a reason behind weather-related joint pain. For those who don’t know about this kind of pressure, we are explaining it in detail.

About Barometric Pressure

You can identify it as the measurement of air pressure in the atmosphere. Sometimes, it is also indicated as atmospheric pressure. It is a pressure on the Earth caused by the weight of the air above us. This kind of pressure changes regularly. It also stays different depending on where a person will take the reading. You can find a change in the barometric pressure when the weather changes. According to some experts, a drop in barometric pressure can lead to expanding the muscles, tendons, and surrounding tissues. And when it happens, there can be pressure on the joints.

But, according to some researches, it has been recognized that there is no connection between joint pain and change in weather. Still, many people suffer from joint pain in cold. And yes, the bodies of people vary. Some of them may be more sensitive to changes in the climate.

Some Other Causes Behind Joint Pain In Cold Weather

  1. When it’s cold, there can be a presence of stiffness in the muscles. A lower temperature can make the muscles tighter. Stiffness can make the muscles harder to move that may cause pain.
  2. There is a fluid present in our joints named synovial fluid. It permits our joints to function smoothly at the time of implementing them in work all through the day. This kind of fluid can thicken during the wintry season by which less lubrication occurs. Even this condition can also bring pain at the time of moving the joint.
  3. Many people don’t like to go outside during cold weather. They wish to stay inside that doesn’t allow them to move too much. This activity can deliver pain in the joints especially to those who are suffering from arthritis or pre-existing joint condition.
  4. There was an explanation in one study about this theory but it proves to be inadequate. It was said that when it’s a colder season, the body attempts to conserve more heat. At that time, the blood is sent more to the organs like the heart, lungs, or digestive organs. As a result, joints like the shoulder, arms, knees, legs, etc. receive less blood. If it happens, the blood vessels of such important joints tighten. Now, due to less flow of blood, such areas can turn out to be colder and stiffer. This activity can give rise to discomfort and pain.
  5. A colder climate can also create a negative impact on a person’s mood. It may have a psychologic effect of dropping the tolerance to pain. Therefore, it becomes crucial to keep yourself happy and engaged in activities which you prefer. An improvement in the mood can make some contribution to managing persistent joint pain.

Joints That Are Mainly Affected In Cold Weather

Although a feeling of joint pain in wintry season can occur in any part of the body. But, it is more common in joints that help to bear weight. For example, the ankles, knees, and hips. Specifically many people find problems regarding their knee joints. If someone has an injury regarding the knees, like a knee trauma, patellar tendonitis, or runner’s knee, they can bring pain in the cold weather.

What Are The Usual Causes of Joint Pain?

 1. Osteoarthritis

This is one of the common and renowned kinds of arthritis. Millions of people around the world are suffering from this kind of disease. It takes place when the cartilage present in the joints wears down over time.

 2. Bursitis

It refers to a painful situation in which a small fluid-filled sac known as bursae is affected. Bursae help to cushion the muscles, bones, and tendons near the joints. Bursitis occurs when inflammation in the bursae takes place.

 3. Tendinitis

Tendons are connective tissues that attach the muscles to the bones. When they become inflamed, it is known as tendinitis. It can be a painful occurrence and mainly happens in the hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, and base of the thumb.

 4. Osteoporosis

It refers to a bone disease in which the bones turn out to be weak and porous. At that time, a person appears at a higher risk of experiencing an unexpected fracture. During this condition, a person loses his bone strength and mass.

 5. Rickets

This skeletal disorder is linked with children. Here, bone development is affected and leads to softening and weakening of the bones. One of the major causes behind rickets is the lack of vitamin D.

 6. Gout

This is yet another common kind of inflammatory arthritis that can affect people of different ages. Due to this condition, there can be a feeling of pain and swelling in one or more joints. Although it can take place in the wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, hand, or foot, but mainly affects the big toe.

 7. Excessive Weight

If a person is obese or overweight, there can be additional stress on his weight-bearing joints. It typically includes the knees, feet, and back. Along with that, an overweight person may suffer from immobility and pain due to inflammation and swelling of the joints.

 8. Rheumatoid Arthritis

This condition also proves to be threatening for our joints. Rheumatoid arthritis refers to a chronic inflammatory disorder where joints along with some other vital organs of the body can also be affected. Due to this condition, there can be different forms of problems to the joints, like pain, stiffness, and swelling.

 9. Sprains

A sprain is a condition in which a ligament is stretched or torn within a joint. If a person suffers from sprains, his one or multiple ligaments may become injured. This condition can also lead to pain and commonly occurs in the knee, ankle, and wrist.

 10. Fracture Or Dislocation

A bone that is cracked or left its actual place may deliver a strong amount of pain. Both fracture and dislocation are such conditions in which seeking medical treatment becomes crucial.

If you’re suffering from joint-based issues, you can consult the orthopedic surgeons of Mewar Hospitals. They will try to assist you in such circumstances.

Tips To Manage Joint Pain In Cold Weather

With a drop in temperature, if you want to stay away from aching joints, we are mentioning some valuable tips.

1. Stay Physically Active

While in the winter when many of us like to take pleasure in a warm blanket, it’s important to keep our body active. For that, you can put some interest in low-impact activities for joint health. For example, you can have fun in the swimming pool with warm water. Else, there is an option of weight training exercises and brisk walking to stay fit and active. If you don’t wish to go outside, give around half an hour to perform flexibility, cardio, or strength training inside. But, make sure to consult the doctor before admiring any kind of exercise routine. You can meet the orthopedic surgeons of Mewar Hospitals for related advice. They can assist you by recommending suitable exercises that can fight against the pain.

2. Maintain A Healthy Weight In Winter

When the weather seems to be cold, the pleasure of eating increases and we love to try different appetizing stuff. Many people would experience weight gain during the winters. But remember, if you continue increasing the body’s weight, it can create an impact on your joints, especially the knees. That’s why manage a healthy weight and try to indulge in physical activities.

3. Don’t Consume Alcohol

Many people prefer to have alcoholic items in winter with an approach that it will promote a warm feeling. But keep in mind one thing that drinking alcohol in any manner, at any season is harmful to your body. If someone consumes alcohol, his blood vessels tend to dilate and results in heat loss. That’s why give regard to healthy options instead of such things. For example, herbal tea or hot milk with a spoon of turmeric. Especially talking about turmeric milk, it can help to lessen down arthritic pain.

4. Keep Yourself Warm Inside the House

Apart from going outside with proper dressing gear, you also need to be attentive while staying indoors. Prefer those measures by which you can stay warm and comfortable. This will give an enjoyable feeling in the cold, keep your mind calm and help to focus on your day-to-day activities.

5. Stay Hydrated

Summer reminds us to drink water at a specific interval. But, during winters, many people forget to drink adequate water in a day. Remember, whatever the season is, you need to stay hydrated. Water is one of the most essential sources needed for our body. If you aren’t capable of drinking adequate water during winters, you can try out some sips of warm tea or a healthy beverage or drink. You can also try out a healthy soup. Not only it will bring a taste to your mouth, but will also help in hydration. Whether you stay at home or work in offices or other places, make sure to drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day.

6. Dress Yourself Properly For Cold Weather

Don’t compromise in wearing equipment to save yourself from cold especially when you go outside. Also, try to cover your hands with gloves and feet with socks. This is because if they are supposed to be cold, they tend to ache and feel sore. With the help of warm clothing, you can feel relaxed in winter and move out with a comfortable feel.

7. Take A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Apart from water, the other essential thing for our body is food. But that doesn’t mean you prefer junk or unhealthy food all the time. Try to be conscious towards health and prefer a healthy diet. However, it is needed throughout the year, but especially during winters, try to take care of this aspect. With the help of a healthy and balanced diet, your body will stay active. You will also get essential nutrients that are required for the health of bones. Try to give preference to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. If you’re taking a healthy diet, you’ll need to avoid processed foods. Additionally, don’t give regard to foods that contain high sugar and saturated fat.

8. Include Vitamin D In Your Life

Vitamin D is essential for the well-being of our life. It proves to be an important asset to maintain energy and mindset. One of the best sources of taking vitamin D is sunlight. And sitting under the sun in winters for some time looks a good deal. Therefore, try to take enough vitamin D that will help your body to function properly. Additionally, it can assist to lessen down pain and stiffness.

The Ending Message

Many people can notice something unpleasant in their joints due to changes in weather. With the help of the given measures, you can take care in such circumstances. Still, if you find anything wrong that seems to trouble you more than a limit, please consult an expert professional. For that, the facilities of Mewar Hospitals are there with the presence of some renowned and expert orthopedic surgeons. They will try to assist you in different scenarios with relevant treatment options. You can get in touch with our team if want to obtain any other information regarding our centers and services.

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