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    Searching For the Best Neurologist in Udaipur? Visit Mewar Hospitals

    Searching For the Best Neuro Surgeon in Udaipur? Visit Mewar Hospitals

    The city of lakes, Udaipur is well-known for its medical services. Here, you can explore a number of professional surgeons from different departments. Talking about one of the most critical yet important branches, i.e., neurology, you can observe some experienced and acknowledged neurosurgeons. Mewar Hospitals is also here with the presence of a senior neurologist in Udaipur. Whether you visit him for neurosurgical assistance, head injury, brain surgery, or spine surgery, he can assist properly.

    In this blog, you will get to know about different services that are available from our neurosurgeon in Udaipur.

    1. Head Injury

    A person can suffer any kind of injury to the brain, scalp, or skull. For example, there can be a presence of skull fractures, concussions, and scalp wounds. If someone suffers from traumatic brain injury, it can disturb the usual functioning of the brain. This condition usually takes place due to the hitting of an object on the head or when something enters the brain through the skull. A traumatic brain injury is serious and may damage the brain. Its symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe, according to the amount of damage that occurred in the brain.
    This condition proves to be very critical and threatening. That's why a person needs to receive medical attention during mild or moderate symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Our brain specialist in Udaipur is here to help in all kinds of trauma and polytrauma cases.

    2. Brain Surgery

    * Brain Tumors

    Sometimes, there can be an occurrence of brain tumors and they can be dangerous. So, in such cases, our brain surgeon in Udaipur will recommend performing a surgical operation. Its treatment generally depends on the type, size, and location of the tumor. Additionally, it will be based on the health of the patient and his preference.

    * Hydrocephalus

    It refers to a condition in which there is a buildup of excess cerebrospinal fluid within the fluid-containing cavities or ventricles of the brain. If it happens, the size of the ventricles is enlarged and it creates pressure on the brain. It can be treated with different approaches. To know more about the treatment option, you can consult our neurosurgeon in Udaipur.

    * Aneurysm Surgery

    Aneurysm stands as the growth of an artery due to weakness of the artery wall. In the severe stage, some aneurysms can rupture by which internal bleeding takes place. Different aneurysms like an aortic aneurysm, cerebral aneurysm, and peripheral aneurysm are there. The treatment option usually depends on the location and kind of aneurysm.

    * AVM Surgery

    AVM or arteriovenous malformation stands for a congenital disorder, which means it is present from birth. It can occur anywhere in the body including the brain, spinal cord, or brainstem. It proves to be a complicated situation in which a person can experience different symptoms. For example, hemorrhaging, loss of memory, vision and speech, paralysis, headaches, and seizures. Surgery is implemented to shut the abnormal connection between blood vessels that typically takes place in the brain. To know more about AVM, you can talk to our best neurologist in Udaipur.

    * Pediatric Neurosurgery

    Pediatric is a term that relates to children. In pediatric neurosurgery, children having complex or critical neurological issues are treated. Some cases are serious and thus require surgery to solve the problem. Our brain specialist in Udaipur can handle the cases of pediatric neurosurgery finely. So, if your child suffers from any kind of neurological condition, you can visit Mewar Hospitals.

    * Neuro Endoscopy

    Nowadays, you can identify a lot of surgeries that are performed with minimally invasive approaches. Like, neuro endoscopy is a kind of brain surgery that is performed with small incisions. It is commonly used to remove tumors. Some of the advantages of performing neuro endoscopy include less pain, fewer complications, and faster recovery as compared to traditional surgery.

    * Epilepsy Surgery

    Epilepsy stands as a chronic disorder that can cause unprovoked and repeated seizures. A seizure means an unexpected rush of electrical activity in the brain. In epilepsy surgery, our brain surgeon in Udaipur eliminates the brain part where the seizure took place.

    * Stroke Surgery

    Stroke refers to a condition in which the blood supply interrupts or reduces to the brain part. In such cases, the brain tissues don't achieve oxygen and nutrients. If it happens, the brain cells initiate to die in some time. When a person suffers from a stroke, there are possibilities to face another one. One of the common kinds of stroke is ischemic stroke. Our neurologist in Udaipur can assist you in such conditions that are done sometimes through surgery.

    3. Spine Surgery

    * Laminectomy

    Sometimes, back or neck pain can seriously affect the life of a person. In such cases, there can be a requirement of surgery to fix the problem. In a laminectomy, the surgeon eliminates a part of the entire vertebral bone (lamina). This is done to alleviate heaviness or pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. This surgery is usually recommended when other medical treatments don't work in favor of the patient.

    * Laminoplasty

    You can recognize this surgical procedure as an alternative to cervical laminectomy. Instead of removing the part or complete lamina, our neurosurgeon in Udaipur will reconstruct it to decompress the spinal cord.

    * Micro Discectomies

    This minimally invasive surgery is also known as micro decompression or microdiscectomy. People having a complaint of herniated lumbar disc go through this kind of surgery. The procedure involves eliminating the part of the herniated disc that delivers ease on the spinal nerve column.

    * Disc Replacement Surgery

    People who undergo serious lower back pain are candidates for lumbar disc replacement. In this surgical method, an incision will take place in the abdomen. After that, the surgeon will remove the damaged disc from the spine and replace it with the newer one.

    * Endoscopic Spine Surgery

    It is an advanced and minimally invasive kind of surgery and is performed with micro-sized incisions. It is mainly performed to provide ease in the pain caused by herniated discs pressing on the nerve roots. Apart from neuro endoscopy, you can also talk to our brain specialist in Udaipur for endoscopic spine surgery.

    * Spine Tumor Surgery

    There can be an occurrence of spinal tumors or growths in the spine and consequently, it can lead to pain. Performing a spine tumor surgery, in many cases becomes necessary because such kinds of tumors can be life-threatening. Even it can cause complete disability.

    * Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

    Both of them are successful and minimally invasive surgeries that are performed for one objective, i.e., treating vertebral compression fractures. Only you can see a variation in their techniques used. For example, our surgeon can take support from imaging guidance to insert a cement mixture into the fractured bone (vertebroplasty). Or he may put a balloon into the fractured bone for making space and then filling it with cement (kyphoplasty).

    Some Other Specialized Procedures From Our Neurologist In Udaipur

    Apart from the given treatment facilities, you can obtain some other assistance from our surgeon. For example,

    * Spine Stabilization Surgery
    * Aneurysm Clipping
    * Brain Biopsy & Spinal Procedure By Neuro navigation
    * Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery
    * Resuscitation in A & E Department
    * Neuro Critical Care
    * Neuro Rehabilitation
    * Awake Craniotomy
    * Surgery For Trigeminal Neuralgia
    * Brain Surgery For Acoustic Tumors
    * Peripheral Nerve Injury
    * Gliomas
    * Pituitary Tumors And Surgery

    Kindly contact Mewar Hospitals for any kind of assistance regarding neurosurgery.

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