Get Hip Replacement Surgery In Dhar By Mewar Hospitals

Get Hip Replacement Surgery In Dhar By Mewar Hospitals

If you're worried about pain in the hips and want proper treatment options, kindly visit Mewar Hospitals. Our team can assist you to take control on this situation with some recommendations. According to the patient's condition, our surgeons will decide the treatment option. We are conveying this information at the top because the treatment option can be of two different types. Like, there can be a non-surgical approach to medications or physical therapies. And those who face advanced problems, the doctors recommend surgical assistance. One of the widely used surgical practices which we will describe here is the hip replacement treatment surgery in Dhar. It comes under the joint replacement surgery from the orthopedic branch. So, we will try to bring some valuable information about the related aspects.

Firstly, let's take an idea of the hip joint.

About Hip Joint

We can understand it as a 'ball and socket synovial joint' that performs several tasks. Our hip joint stands as one of the most stable joints in the body. It helps in delivering stability and is a vital aspect to bear our body weight. The formation of our hip joint takes place by an articulation of the ball and socket. Here, you can identify the ball as the head of the femur and the socket as the pelvic acetabulum.

Our hip joint can deliver three distinct kinds of flexibility, namely

1. Hip flexion and extension- includes moving the leg back and forth.
2. Hip abduction and adduction- includes moving our leg out to the side and inward to the further leg.
3. Rotation- includes pointing our toes outward or inward and moving the flattened leg in the way of the toes.

Some important things work together with our hip joint. They are bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, articular cartilage, synovial membrane, and fluid. With the help of our fully-functioned hipbone, we can properly walk, stand, and run. But, if something odd is there to identify in the hip portion, there can be some disturbances. A person can find pain in the hips that bring issues to his regular life. If there is an existence of a serious problem, he might need to consult a hip replacement doctor in Dhar.

Now, we will let you know about some causes by which a person can experience hip pain.

Causes Behind Hip Pain

1. Arthritis

If you want to identify one of the biggest reasons behind performing a hip replacement surgery in Dhar, Consider the name of this joint inflammation disease in the top list. Our hips have an attachment with the cartilage that supports to prevent friction. If osteoarthritis, which is one of the well-known kinds of arthritis is there, it can damage the cartilage. When the cartilage becomes worn and damaged, the bones will rub together during movements. As a result, it will bring pain and movement loss. That's why; we recommend adopting some precautionary standards if something unpleasant is there with your hip health.

2. Dislocation

Due to an accident, sudden fall, or sports injury, our hip joint can dislocate. When it happens, our hip joint can be immobilized and a feeling of pain takes place. Hip joint dislocation can put in some problematic affairs, as the person may not be able to walk stand.

3. Fracture

If a direct blow to the hip side in the form of a fall or accident takes place. Then, a person may experience a crack or break in the hip side. If it happens, there can be an uncomfortable situation and an experience of pain. Even those who suffer from osteoporosis are more likely to get a hip fracture.

4. Trochanteric Bursitis

Bursae is a liquid-filled sac that is found in different parts of the body including the hip side. Trochanteric bursitis will be said when there is an irritation of the bursae. And if it takes place, a person can undergo pain on the hip side. Bursae help to lessen down the friction and cushion the points between the bones, muscles, and tendons.

5. Tendinitis

The bands of tough fibrous tissues that help to connect muscles to the bones are tendons. If there is an inflammation or irritation of the tendons, it will be known as tendinitis. It can be due to some reasons like age, injury, or overuse of the tendons.

Is There Any Home-Based Treatment Available For Hip Pain?

The intensity of hip pain may depend on the underlying cause. Not every person faces severe hip pain. In fact, if we talk about total hip replacement surgery in Dhar, it will be considered as a final option. This means the surgeon will first treat the pain using medicines or physical approaches. And when such things don't work to alleviate pain, they have to consider this kind of surgical operation.

If there is an experience of mild hip pain, you can take control by some measures. Like, providing rest to the body and preventing those movements that put pressure on the hips. Those who indulge in sitting for hours continuously may also need to take care. In some cases, a person can find relief from cold and heat formula. Some effectual exercises are also there to contribute to lessening down the pain.

Regarding Hip Replacement Surgery

If you're searching for the best hospital for hip replacement surgery in Dhar, kindly contact us. Our team can deliver related assistance with good facilities. This surgical procedure includes making an incision over the hip side to take our injured hip joint. In that place, a new artificial part gets installed. You can identify the stuff of that artificial part in the form of ceramic, metal, or their combination. To know exactly the kind of material used in the surgery, kindly have a conversation with our hip replacement doctor in Dhar.

What Happens in The Procedure?

In the beginning, the surgeon will give anesthesia to the patient to take him into a deep sleep. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove out both the cartilage and bone in the ball-and-socket hip joint. The incision can be made on the side of the hip. The connected muscles will be detached and as a result, the joint will be exposed.

The surgeon will then remove out the damaged femoral head. By removing the bone socket and damaged cartilage, there will be a smooth curved surface. Then, there will be a fixation of a metal cup as a new socket. A liner will go into the cup for making a smooth surface. When the surgery moves further, the femur's end will be emptied, and a long metal stem will go into that space. As a result, the bone will grow in the implant, further safeguarding it.

After that, a ceramic or metal ball will be fit on the top of the metal stem. The ball will be situated in the cup. When everything takes place properly, the incision will be covered by stitches or staples.

The Concluding Message

Remember, the process of hip replacement surgery treatment in Dhar may vary. So, you can come and have an appointment with our hip replacement surgeon to obtain accurate knowledge. For any other queries regarding our hospitals, you can connect to us through online chat, call, and mail facilities.

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